Why Veterans Make Exceptional Commercial Cleaners

Posted on July 3, 2017


Why Veterans Make Exceptional Commercial Cleaners

When you’re hiring a commercial cleaner, you’re looking for a dedicated, disciplined, and detail-focused individual. So, it’s no surprise that veterans make up some of the commercial cleaning industry’s most successful franchise owners. With the skills, values, and experience of military service, U.S. veterans are exceptionally qualified to help businesses with their cleaning needs.

At JAN-PRO®, we proudly support U.S. veterans entering the commercial cleaning industry. We actively recruit veteran franchisees through our VetConnection© program, helping vets start their own small businesses as commercial cleaners and become a part of the JAN-PRO family.
Here are just a few reasons why veterans have found success with JAN-PRO, and why vets make exceptional commercial cleaners…

Veterans’ Skills Fit the Cleaning Industry

Military experience builds skills that vets can draw on for the rest of their life. Many of those skills are directly applicable to the cleaning industry. Veterans are trained to bring a focused and detail-oriented approach to any work they do, even in high-pressure or time-sensitive situations. They also learn the importance of consistent work and quality assurance. This helps veterans deliver the spotless results that distinguish exceptional commercial cleaners from their competitors.

Veterans Clean with Character

As a business owner, it’s important that you find a commercial cleaner you can rely on. That means finding a cleaner with character. When you hire a veteran cleaner, you’re hiring a cleaner whose character has been shaped in service to our country’s highest values and ideals. Few other workers have the drive, determination, or discipline that allows veterans to succeed where other cleaning contractors fail. That character also means that you can trust veteran cleaners to follow through on their commitments — to your workplace, to your business, and to a superior clean.

Cleaners Any Business Can Depend On

When your business is hiring an outside contractor, there is no substitute for peace of mind. One of the big advantages of hiring veteran contractors is knowing you can rely on them. Military operations depend on precision, accountability, and follow-through by every team member. Through their training and experience, veterans know the importance of meeting their commitments. By providing you with dependable, high-quality service, a veteran commercial cleaner will ensure you never need to worry about your business’s cleaning needs.

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