The 6 Worst Types of Employees for Workplace Hygiene

Posted on June 19, 2017


The 6 Worst Types of Employees for Workplace Hygiene

With over 25 years’ experience in janitorial services under our belts, the team at JAN-PRO has seen our fair share of workplace hygiene issues. Sometimes those issues stem from poor workplace design. Sometimes they’re the result of poor janitorial services. But many times, these issues start with workers who practice poor hygiene.

Below, the janitorial service experts at JAN-PRO outline the six worst types of employees for workplace hygiene:

1. The Desk Eater

Eating at your desk can seem like a smart move for getting extra work accomplished, but it comes with some nasty side effects for productivity and cleanliness. Eating lunch at your desk prevents your brain from recharging, reducing your effectiveness through the afternoon. Worse yet, it practically guarantees crumbs, juices, and oils getting onto your desk, your phone, and your keyboard, creating a haven for bacteria.

2. The Quick Washer

We’ve all worked with someone who treats a trip to the bathroom like no big deal for hand hygiene. A quick five-second rinse and they’re right back to work, a trail of germs left in their wake with each hand they shake and every door handle they open. Without immediate disinfection of these surfaces, this employee can quickly spread germs and sickness.

3. The Phone Addict

Cellphones are germ magnets to begin with, but workers who can’t put their phones away will inevitably get more bacteria on their touchscreens. If workers are scanning their social feeds in the bathroom or the break room, their devices could end up with more germs per square inch than almost anywhere else in the office.

4. The Dirt Tracker

Workplace hygiene isn’t just about germs. Airborne dirt and dust particulate can directly affect the quality of air in your facility. The number one culprit for dirt and dust in the workplace: workers who fail to take advantage of your entry mats, tracking dirt and dust in from outside on the soles of their shoes.

5. The Over-Sharer

Sometimes a generous spirit can be a bad thing. An employee who can’t help but share their favorite snacks with their colleagues can turn into a hub for employee-to-employee germ transfer.

6. The Cough Broadcaster

It’s common courtesy to cover up a cough or a sneeze. But some workers have the habit of leaving their mouth uncovered when they cough broadcasting germs into the air. Almost as bad are employees who use their hands to cover up coughs without washing them immediately after.

To avoid issues with unhygienic workers, make hygiene a priority. Post signs reminding workers to practice proper hygiene. Make hygiene a regular topic at meetings. And work with your janitorial services provider on ways to compensate for unhygienic workers.

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