Solve 3 Major Commercial Cleaning Worries with JAN-PRO

Posted on August 28, 2017

If you’re thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning provider, you might have some reservations or concerns. Questions about flexibility, security, and cost are common when switching cleaning companies or hiring a cleaning company for the first time. With some lower-quality cleaning services, your concerns may be well-founded. But with the right commercial cleaning company, these concerns aren’t as big as you might think.


When a commercial cleaning provider doesn’t offer a flexible approach to janitorial services, expect headaches going forward. These businesses often struggle to accommodate unique cleaning needs or specific concerns. Cookie cutter cleaning plans make it easy to overlook areas that require special attention, and rigid scheduling options mean cleanings occur at inconvenient or impractical times.

Trusted commercial cleaning companies — like your local JAN-PRO® — address this by creating a custom cleaning plan and a custom cleaning schedule. These are built according to each client’s specific needs. By choosing a cleaning company that places an emphasis on custom cleaning, your cleaning services will be built around your priorities, not theirs.


Security is a significant concern for any workplace. It’s particularly important for businesses and institutions that are prone to theft or vulnerable to predators. These include banks, auto dealerships, retail stores, schools, and day care centers. If cleaning contractors are lax about security, that’s a serious concern for your business.

Trustworthy commercial cleaning providers understand the importance of security for your business and they take rigorous precautions to ensure your full peace of mind. For instance, JAN-PRO cleaners are fully bonded, fully insured, and are required to wear full uniforms including prominent ID tags, whenever they’re on site. They’re also trained in standard security protocols and they’re expected to accommodate security concerns when designing your facility’s cleaning plan.


When you’re calculating the cost of commercial cleaning, it might seem cheaper to have cleanings performed in-house. If this is the case, you might want to crunch the numbers again. Most of the time, there are hidden costs to cleaning services performed by employees. Those hidden costs include the need for additional training, the man-hours it takes to create a proper cleaning plan, and investment in cleaning materials and equipment.

What’s more, in-house cleaners won’t have the training, experience, systems, or equipment that are used by professional commercial cleaning contractors. The result is a less attractive and less hygienic workspace. This lowers customer confidence, reduces worker productivity, and eats away at your bottom line.

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