Productivity Tips & Hacks to Transform Your Work Life

Posted on June 19, 2017

Productivity Tips & Hacks to Transform Your Work Life

Are you secretly convinced that you can do more with your workday? Chances are, you’re right. As any successfully business owner will tell you, good work habits are 90% of the battle when it comes to success in the workplace. These days, everyone is striving to work harder, better, and faster — yet few are succeeding. In part, that’s because the average person today easily falls into productivity sinkholes.

At JAN-PRO®, our owner-operators are trained and encouraged to take a proactive approach to productivity. A number of the practices we teach are applicable to any business person — no matter their industry. So we’ve put a few of our favorite productivity hacks together below so that you can streamline and supercharge your work life.

Our Top Productivity Tips

Looking to see immediate dividends when it comes to your day-to-day output? By following these productivity tips, you will give yourself the boost you need to do more each day at work.

  • Schedule Email Time. Set aside two to three blocks of time each day to read and send email. You can set up an auto-response to let people know when to expect a reply and how to contact you for urgent and emergency situations.
  • Funnel Notifications. Prevent notifications from a hundred different networks and apps by funneling them to specific email folders. Then turn off phone pop-ups so that you can deal with these notifications in a structured fashion.
  • Create a 25/5 or 50/10 Schedule. Boost your output by working in 25 or 50 minute focused bursts. Recharge through scheduled 5-minute or 10-minute breaks where you disengage from work. Remember, this is recharging time, so be careful to avoid email or distractions.
  • Find or Create Work-Conducive Space. Create a distraction-free work area by removing clutter and unnecessary items from your desk each morning. Retreat to the off-site havens like the local library when getting away from the office is good for your work.
  • Start Your Day with a Plan. Resist the urge to dive right into work every day by setting aside 15-30 minutes to evaluate what needs doing and developing a plan for how to get it done.
  • Treat Your Body & Mind Right. Take the time to treat yourself right, and your body and mind will astonish you with what they can accomplish. Everything from better sleep to better eating can have an impact on your work life.

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