What Makes a Productive Workplace?

Posted on July 17, 2017

What Makes a Productive Workplace?

Behind every profitable business is a productive workplace. Whether you’re operating a tight-knit, two-person office or a bustling center of business, the environment you create will go a long way toward keeping your workers productive.
At JAN-PRO®, our commercial cleaning providers have been helping American businesses create cleaner, healthier, more productive workspaces for more than twenty years. Here are some of the things we’ve learned over two decades of cleaning about what makes a productive workplace.

Open vs. Closed Layout

One of the biggest conversations around modern office design is how open or closed your workplace should be. A closed space can make it easier for employees to concentrate and focus on tasks, but can also cause problems by isolating employees and making them feel penned in. An open space, meanwhile, can foster creativity and dialogue, but can also create problems in terms of workplace distractions and productivity. Our advice? Analyze your business’s specific needs, avoid going for the trendy or easy answer and shape your workplace’s layout around the way you want your business to run.

Natural Lighting

The type of light workers are exposed to is often an afterthought when choosing or designing an office environment. It shouldn’t be. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light increases worker productivity. It also boosts happiness and mental well-being, helping you create a supportive and enjoyable work environment.


Sound is one of the biggest distractions in the modern workplace, and smart workplace design can help limit noise-based distractions. Sound-proofing areas like board rooms and break rooms can insulate workers from office chatter, while music should be calming, instrumental, and conducive to productivity.

Air Quality

Our time in the commercial cleaning industry has taught us the importance of air quality in the modern workplace. OSHA estimates American businesses suffer more than $15 billion in productivity loss every year due to poor air quality. Air quality can be improved by better ventilation, air filtration systems, and by smarter vacuuming practices by cleaners.

Plant Life

Like natural lighting, greenery improves workers’ mental and emotional well-being, making it easier for them to stay motivated, focused, and productive. While maintaining plants can be an ongoing investment, their boost to productivity is typically worth the investment.


No one likes to work in a dirty workplace, but hygiene does far more than simply make workers comfortable. Proper hygiene also keeps workers healthy, helping your business avoid productivity loss associated with sick days and illness-related underperformance. Encourage healthy habits in your workers, and make sure your commercial cleaning provider is someone you can rely on.

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