Phoenix Family Works Together to Build a Superstar Franchise

Posted on June 19, 2017

Seven years ago, Fernando Burruel and his wife, Delores, invested $5,000 to become JAN-PRO franchise owners after a referral from an existing franchisee. They said that the information they got from the referral has exceeded their initial idea of JAN-PRO.

Although Delores and Fernando had limited previous experience in commercial janitorial services, they have continued to grow their business from the original investment to over $20,000 billings each month. Their son, Gabriel, and his sister have become very active in the business as well.

When asked why they have been so successful, their answer was quick and immediate, “We exceed customer expectations every day,” said Fernando. “Our philosophy is simple. There is no do-it-tomorrow. We do it right, and we do it today,” said Fernando.

For Fernando and Delores, the best part of owning a JAN-PRO franchise is the ability to have a good work-life balance. They appreciate that they can run a home-based business, and when they need to, they can spend time with their family.

They also love the financial independence that their franchise has given them, and they are proud to share that with other families on their team. “No one makes minimum wage; everyone makes a good living,” said Fernando.

One of the most significant factors of their success has been the quality of service they provide to customers. They currently have ten accounts, many of which they have serviced for year, and one for over six years.

The Burruel family is responsible for one of the Phoenix office’s largest accounts. Even with this level of responsibility, they not only provide complete janitorial services for their customers, they also provide special services for other franchisees. The family also referred two other teams to become franchise owners. Dedicated to their business, they have become the “go to” back-up team in the JAN-PRO of Phoenix office.

Looking back over the last seven years and at the level of success they have achieved, Fernando and Delores are extremely grateful for the mentoring from Obed Rodriguez, General Manager of the Phoenix office. “Obed has always been willing to help us grow our business,” said Fernando.

Their advice for owning and operating a successful JAN-PRO franchise is to establish good communication with your clients, be consistent in the service you provide, and go out of your way to deliver the best quality service in the industry. “This is the definition of a superstar franchise,” said Fernando.