How Paid Sick Days Can Boost Workplace Productivity

Posted on June 26, 2017


How Paid Sick Days Can Boost Workplace Productivity

In the commercial cleaning industry, exceptional cleaning means a healthier and more productive workplace. But commercial cleaning isn’t the only thing way you can create a more hygienic and productive workspace. One area that can have a big impact is your sick day policy.

While many businesses believe paid sick leave will subtract from their bottom line, growing evidence shows that paid sick days are a net positive for workers and businesses alike. Studies have shown that paid sick leave has a surprisingly minimal impact on expenses, but big gains in productivity, morale, and workplace health.

So, if your business doesn’t currently have a paid sick day policy, here are some of the reasons you might want to consider implementing one:

Sick Employees Make Each Other Sicker

The biggest reason for a paid sick day policy is that it keeps employees healthy. As anyone in commercial cleaning can tell you, introducing contagious bacteria into your workplace is never a good idea.

When a sick employee knows that a day off means lost pay, they are much more likely to come into work sick. This is rarely good news for your business. Sickness has a noticeable effect on the cognitive performance of most workers, so you’re already experiencing a drop in productivity. Much worse, this means other employees might be exposed to a contagious virus or harmful bacteria. Before you know it, a mini-epidemic can spread through your workplace.

But with a paid sick leave policy, employees are much less likely to come into work sick. This might mean paying a worker to stay at home, but it also means protecting the rest of your staff against the cold, flu, or worse. In the end, the net gain to productivity is often worth the price of paid leave alone.

Worker Morale & Motivation Boosted

Paid sick leave has other productivity benefits that go beyond hygiene. Studies have shown that workplaces with paid sick leave show higher rates of worker satisfaction and morale. That in itself helps employees stay motivated and productive while on the job.

So, while it may seem counterintuitive, a paid sick leave policy could be an effective way to boost productivity and actually save money that you might be losing due to lost productivity.

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