Why Choosing the Right Janitorial Services is So Important

Posted on June 7, 2016

Why Choosing the Right Janitorial Services is So Important

When it comes to your workplace, it‰’s important to find a janitorial service that fits your business. There are a number of areas where choosing the right janitorial service makes a big difference, from costs, to your workplace‰’s appearance, to the health and safety of your workforce.

As the janitorial services provider for thousands of American businesses, at JAN-PRO, we know the impact that the right ‰ or wrong ‰ cleaning company can have on your business. Below, we‰’ve listed some of the biggest reasons why it pays to find the right janitorial services provider for your business, and how you can boost your chances for success when comparing vendors.

A More Attractive Workplace

If you‰’re like most businesses, your workplace is part of your company‰’s image. Maintaining that image is vital to impressing clients and customers, something that‰’s only possible with strong cleaning services. The right janitorial services provider for your business will be a team that knows your type of workplace ‰ it‰’s equipment, its materials, and its workflow ‰ inside and out.

Keeping Costs Down

Not all janitorial services are created, or delivered, equally. So the cheapest cleaning company is rarely the best. But that doesn‰’t mean that the right cleaning company won‰’t help you rein in costs. In fact, simply by hiring a janitorial services company, you‰’re already saving yourself the costs of an in-house cleaning team.

Hygiene-Focused Janitorial Services

The workplace is one of the top places for the transmission of bacterial and viral illnesses. While many janitorial services offer the appearance of clean, fewer truly focus on how to cut down on workplace bacteria and viruses. Even fewer use worker-safe disinfection methods ‰ such as JAN-PRO‰’s EnviroShield system. Safe, effective disinfection will protect you, your staff, and your bottom line, helping you cut back on time lost to sick days.

Reliability, Stability, & Confidence

You deserve peace of mind when you choose a janitorial services provider for your business. When hiring a cleaning company, look for whether or not the company is bonded and insured, what kind of training they offer their cleaners, their level of OSHA expertise and compliance, and whether or not they offer a service guarantee.

Your local JAN-PRO offers expert janitorial services that will leave your workplace spotless and sparkling. Call 866-355-1064 today to connect with your local office.