Industry Profile: JAN-PRO Office Cleaning

Posted on June 19, 2017

At JAN-PRO, we’re experts at cleaning modern offices. Our office cleaning services cover all kinds of workplaces, from law firms to call centers, tech start-ups to bustling non-profits, and everything in between.

Many potential clients ask us what makes our professional workplace cleaning services so distinct from those offered by our competitors. So read on to find out why JAN-PRO has become the office cleaning services provider for thousands of American workplaces…

What Sets JAN-PRO Office Cleaning Apart

There’s a lot that sets your local JAN-PRO cleaning team apart from other cleaning companies. Over the past two decades, we’ve fine-tuned our office cleaning services, striving to deliver everything the modern workplace needs for an exceptional clean.

  • Our custom office cleaning plans mean your office will receive cleaning services tailored specifically to your workspace.
  • Our adaptive approach means that we’re equipped to clean offices with unique flooring materials, hard-to-clean areas, or other space-specific cleaning challenges.
  • With JAN-PRO Signature Clean®, JAN-PRO Technics®, and JAN-PRO Tracker®, we’ve put a rigorous three-system process in place to set cleaning standards, deliver detailed cleanings, and measure our results.
  • Unlike other office cleaning services, every JAN-PRO cleaning is led by the same team of hard-working individuals and is led by one of our owner/operators.

The advantages delivered by JAN-PRO office cleaning services don’t end there. With our high-strength cleaning solutions, our commitment to meeting or exceeding all OSHA standards, and our exclusive cleaning technologies, we make the choice for office cleaning services easy.

What Comes with Our Office Cleaning Services?

Unlike cleaning companies with one-size-fits-all approaches to cleaning, JAN-PRO cleaners offer customized, industry-specific solutions. Simply put, that means we have systems in place for how to tackle-office specific cleaning challenges, and we fine-tune those systems for each client’s specific needs.

Office cleaning services from your local JAN-PRO office will cover:

  • Day-to-day and Intensive Floor Cleaning. No matter what kind of flooring is in your office, our office cleaning services can provide you with the day-to-day and intensive cleaning options you need.
  • Board Rooms and Client Areas. We know how important it is to impress your clients and make them feel comfortable. We help make this possible by leaving your board rooms, waiting areas, and client meeting rooms spic-and-span clean.
  • Keyboards, Phones, and Other High-Touch Areas. Our EnviroShield® professional disinfection system safely and effectively eliminates germs on any workplace surface. We can even disinfect hard-to-clean germ hotspots, like keyboards, phone receivers, and door knobs.
  • Kitchenettes and Eating Areas. Our office cleaning services leave tables, countertops, sinks, floors, and other kitchen/dining areas as clean as any five-star restaurant’s.
  • We not only thoroughly clean and disinfect bathrooms, we also color-code our microfiber flat mops and cloths to make sure that the cleaning materials used in your bathrooms never get used elsewhere.
  • And much more…

Finally, our services come with full peace of mind. Under our service guarantee, we promise your complete satisfaction on every office cleaning we provide. It all comes down to our motto: Measurable Cleanings – Guaranteed Results!®

Partner with the office cleaning pros at your local JAN-PRO by calling 866-355-1064 today.