Industry Focus: JAN-PRO Medical Office Cleaning

Posted on June 19, 2017

Industry Focus: JAN-PRO Medical Office Cleaning

There is no other industry where cleaning and disinfection are as important they are in the medical sector. At JAN-PRO, we know as well as anyone that proper medical office cleaning is vital to the health and well-being of staff and patients. That‰’s why we developed our MedMetrix cleaning and disinfection process, which is specifically designed for medical facilities.

But what exactly does the MedMetrix process deliver? And what other factors set JAN-PRO apart from other medical office cleaning providers?

With this short industry profile, we hope you‰’ll see how much clean, healthy, and germ-free spaces mean to the team at JAN-PRO and why so many medical facilities have chosen us as their medical office cleaning providers.

What Sets JAN-PRO Medical Office Cleaning Apart

When it comes to medical office cleaning, the JAN-PRO team has worked carefully to fine-tune our MedMetrix program for medical spaces. As part of our JAN-PRO Signature Clean certification program, the JAN-PRO owner/operators that lead our cleaning teams are all specially trained in medical office cleaning services.

This includes detailed training in how to clean spaces unique to medical facilities. Whether you run a hospital, a walk-in clinic, or a dental center, our cleaners know the right tools and the right methods to leave your facility clean and germ-free. Our training covers spaces such as patient rooms, waiting areas, terminal patient rooms, surgical operatories, and dental clinic operatories.

To ensure these areas are completely healthy and germ-free, our cleaners the EnviroShield disinfection system ‰a JAN-PRO exclusive. EnviroShield uses an EPA-tested disinfectant that is fully eco-friendly and people-safe. This disinfectant boasts a 99.9999% elimination rate of bacteria and viruses, including MRSA. Even better, EnviroShield uses a proprietary spray-action application to reach areas that other disinfection systems can‰’t, ensuring germs are eliminated no matter where they‰’re found.

Features of Our Medical Office Cleaning Services

JAN-PRO‰’s MedMetrix system is designed to deliver a comprehensive clean to the modern medical office. Our medical office cleaning services offer:

  • Excellence & Expertise. Our MedMetrix system delivers medical office cleanings that are compliant with all OSHA, AORN, CDC, and Joint Commission standards.
  • Sparkling Bathrooms. We deliver wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling cleaning and disinfection for bathrooms, and target high-germ areas for extra attention.
  • Secure Protocols. Our team understands that security matters at your facility, which is why we wear full uniforms complete with ID tags.
  • Custom Cleaning Plans. JAN-PRO delivers a unique, custom-crafted cleaning plan for every client, ensuring the right systems are in place for your facility.
  • Floor Cleaning. We have the tools and experience to effectively clean tile, carpet, hardwood, and any other flooring surface you can think of.
  • HEPA-Filter Vacuums. Our quiet-cleaning vacuums trap harmful and irritating airborne particles, preserving the quality of the air in your office.
  • Measured Results. We use our JAN-PRO Tracker system to measure our medical office cleanings, ensuring consistency and quality.

Best of all, every cleaning comes with the JAN-PRO service guarantee. Spot a problem? Simply let us know within 24 hours and we‰’ll book a return visit within two business days.

Learn more about JAN-PRO‰’s MedMetrix system for medical office cleaning and book a cleaning consultation for your workplace today by calling us at 866-355-1064.