Email Etiquette Tips for the Modern Office

Posted on July 9, 2016


Email Etiquette Tips for the Modern Office

These days, email is still the dominant form of office communication. While phone calls still have their place and chat apps are becoming increasingly widespread, neither holds a candle to email. In fact, studies have shown that the average office worker spends as much as 25% of their day simply sending, reading, and responding to email.

But when it comes to your office inbox, it can be tough to navigate the often unstated rules of proper email etiquette and conduct. In most workplaces, email etiquette is a skill you‰’re just expected to know. As a result, most of us know the majority of the rules that govern email etiquette, but we can still be tripped up by the one or two rules that we don‰’t know.

At JAN-PRO, our professional cleaning services are built to position our clients for success. That investment in your success is why we‰’ve put together this guide to email etiquette in the modern workplace environment.

The 5 Most Important Email Etiquette Tips

These five tips cover the ins and outs of email etiquette and address the most common mistakes made when using professional email.

  1. Use a professional tone and professional language, especially when you‰’re conversing with someone you don‰’t already have a close professional relationship with. This includes writing in full sentences, using greetings, and following all conventions of proper spelling and grammar.
  2. Do not automatically hit ‰Reply All.‰ Consider whether or not all recipients need to hear your message before including everyone in your reply. Even more importantly, make sure you aren‰’t sending sensitive information or messages to people who should not be receiving them.
  3. Write clear and direct subject lines so that your recipients already know what your email will be about before they open it.
  4. Avoid the use of ALL CAPS in subject and email lines, which gives the impression of shouting. The same goes for exclamation points! Especially groups of them!!!
  5. Be very careful with attempts at humor or sarcasm. Not everyone shares the same sense of humor. Even if they do, something that sounds funny when said out loud can be easily misinterpreted in writing.

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