Clean Restaurants Help Draw Customers

Posted on December 8, 2015

As consumers, how often does the cleanliness of a restaurant play a factor in whether or not we become regular patrons? According to Restaurant Magazine, few things can turn customers away and keep them away like a dirty restaurant. One of the biggest mistakes that restaurant owners make is to think that their staff can adequately perform deep cleaning of the restaurant. While employees may perform a good job straighteningup between shifts, the task of performing a deep clean is best left up to professional cleaning companies like JAN-PRO, the top commercial cleaner worldwide.

Commercial cleaning services that collaborate with chemical and equipment companies can provide industrial strength cleaning products, chemicals and expertise. Restauranteurs who partner with a professional cleaning company give their employees an advantage at keeping their restaurant clean. Expert commercial cleaners can deep clean dining rooms, high dust, clean kitchens, kitchen matting, ceiling fans and restrooms. This leaves less cleaning to be performed by the restaurant employees, which equates to more time to concentrate on the customer and enhancement of the dining experience.

The role of a cleaning service is to help the restaurant achieve and maintain a high level of cleanliness. This does not mean that the responsibility of cleaning the restaurant should fall solely to the cleaning service. Too often, when restaurant employees find that there is a contract with a cleaning service they stop cleaning altogether or cut the level of cleaning to a fraction of what they used to perform. A well rounded cleaning program in a restaurant includes employees periodically servicing restrooms, emptying trash and sweeping and mopping during the day.

Urbanspoon, and Zagat are all social media venues for diners to generate internet restaurant reviews. This gives restaurant owners and managers the ability to see what people who frequent their restaurant think of it.

According to Consumer Reports, more people complain about, dirty tables, utensils, or restrooms at restaurants rather than poor quality of food. Monitoring of social media allows owners and managers to positively comment and spin the sometimes negative feedback from patrons. The best way to counteract negative commentary on the cleanliness of a restaurant is to hire a company to perform scheduled deep cleaning and train restaurant employees how to perform daily routine cleaning. Training employees and giving them a schedule of cleaning tasks to perform helps maintain the standard that is set by the cleaning service.

Cleanliness and sanitation are two items that are easily controlled with the proper cleaning service and trained employees working together. Keeping your restaurant clean plays a big role in maintaining customers while attracting new ones. JAN-PRO protects and cleans your restaurant to present a fresh, clean and inviting welcome to your patrons.