Benefits to Workplace Spring Cleaning

Posted on June 3, 2017

Spring is in the air, and that means workplace spring cleaning is just around the corner. As America‰’s trusted commercial cleaning vendors, the team at JAN-PRO knows how big of a difference spring cleaning makes in the modern workplace. Below, our commercial cleaning specialists have listed five of the most important benefits to proper spring cleaning in the workplace.

Long-Lasting Carpets

Carpets naturally attract dirt and dust. Even if you vacuum your carpets every day, some of those dirt and dust particles will be left behind. Over time, those particles are ground into your carpet‰’s fibers, leading to discoloration and degraded fibers. Seasonal deep cleanings preserve the appearance and integrity of carpeting by loosening and removing deep-seated dirt and grit from your carpets‰’ fibers.

Better Air Quality

Your employees deserve a workplace where they can be comfortable and productive, and that starts with the air they breathe. This is especially true after winter. During winter, dirt and dust get tracked in more easily than any other time of year, and air circulation is often at its worst. A proper spring cleaning will freshen the air and reduce the amount of airborne particulate and irritants in your workplace.

Improved Organization

Spring cleaning goes beyond the work performed by your commercial cleaning vendor. It‰’s also an opportunity for employees to tidy and reorganize their work spaces. A more organized space means fewer distractions and less time spent hunting for misplaced items. You can also take this opportunity to perform an inventory check, reorganize your files, and assess the efficiency of your storage space.

Cleaning Overlooked Areas

Over the course of each season, there are areas in your workplace that will inevitably be overlooked during day-to-day cleaning. Dust and dirt can pile up in cracks and crevices behind furniture, and your workplace‰’s walls collect small bits of dust and oil that lead to stains if untreated. Proper workplace spring cleaning gives you the change to give these areas the attention they need.

A Safer Work Space

Whether you work in an office setting, a commercial facility, or an industrial environment, cleaning is a big part of workplace safety. Seasonal cleaning not only represents a chance to improve workplace health and hygiene, but also offers the opportunity to check first aid supplies, test safety systems, and assess your workplace for hidden concerns like structural damage, mold, and infestations.

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