4 Must-Have Qualities in a Bank Cleaning Service

Posted on January 9, 2018

If you operate a financial facility, hiring outside contractors — like a bank cleaning service — can be tricky. Your business is charged with the safekeeping of your clients’ money and personal information. So, when you’re hiring a bank cleaning provider, security and trust are your foremost priorities. You need a contractor you can trust to clean your facility securely, and who will give your facility an image that inspires trust from your clients.

In the market for the bank cleaning service? Here are four must-have qualities you should be looking for in potential contractors.

1. Secure Cleaning Protocols

A secure property is the biggest priority of any financial facility. Any cleaning company offering bank cleaning services should have secure cleaning protocols in place. These protocols should include:

  • Training in security measures used by and expected by banks and other financial centers.
  • Customized cleaning plans that incorporate security measures and safeguards.
  • Onsite communication protocols with facility management and/or security staff.
  • Easy-to-identify uniforms for all cleaning staff.
  • Bonding and insurance to provide peace of mind.

2. Spick and Span Appearance

The appearance of your financial facility directly impacts customer confidence in your business. If a client sees that you can’t keep your facility clean, why would they believe that you can keep their savings and information safe?

A trustworthy, professional image depends on exacting cleaning standards, particularly in areas like your lobby, waiting area, offices, and teller stations. Equally important is the cleanliness of your bathrooms — the number one place where uncleanliness leads to lost customers. Customer trust will depend on a cleaning team that can deliver spick and span results in each of these areas.

3. Immaculate Hygiene Standards

A clean appearance doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy space. For the sake of your staff and your customers, it’s important that your bank cleaning service delivers a clean that’s attractive and healthy.

While most people think of banks as sterile environments, financial professionals know that money and bacteria go hand in hand. As Scientific American reported earlier this year, multiple studies have found that most paper currency harbors dangerous bacteria. With cash changing hands so often in your facility, it’s crucial that your bank cleaning service has an effective disinfection plan in place.

4. Specialized Cleaning for Bank Technologies

Your average bank is filled with specialized technologies, including ATMs, money counting machines, and teller station keypads for PIN verification. Banks are also filled with more commonplace technologies, like computers, phones, printers, and security systems.

Modern electronics are magnets for bacteria. Unfortunately, many bank cleaning services fail to clean these technologies properly. Standard disinfection methods often fail to reach bacteria in hard-to-reach spots, like the crevices between buttons on your ATM or in between the keys of your teller station’s keyboards. To properly disinfect these areas, you’ll need a more advanced disinfection system, like the EnviroShield® system used in JAN-PRO® bank cleaning services.

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