As Flu Epidemic Worsens, Fight Back with EnviroShield®

Right now, we’re facing one of the nastiest flu seasons in recent memory. This year’s influenza epidemic is becoming a full-blown health crisis, and corporate America and schools are getting hit especially hard.

At JAN-PRO® we’ve seen a surge in demand for EnviroShield®, our exclusive disinfection system. As featured on Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight, EnviroShield® is uniquely well-suited to combatting the flu in schools and businesses, offering a safe and powerful method for neutralizing the flu virus in classroom environments.

Since the start of this year’s flu season, 13 districts have closed schools due to concerns over student health. Schools in states as far apart as Texas, Idaho, and Illinois have closed, while rates of absenteeism have skyrocketed. In some schools, upwards of 30% of students are calling in sick with flu-like symptoms.

But schools are fighting back against the flu. Several are partnering with local school cleaning services to fight this year’s flu epidemic, with a focus on surface disinfection.

Fast Facts on This Year’s Flu Epidemic

This year’s flu season is widely believed to be the worst the US has seen since 2008-2009, the year of the swine flu (H1N1) outbreak. Here are a few fast facts on this year’s flu epidemic and why it’s so severe.

  • This flu season has been driven by the H3N2 flu strain. H3N2 is one of the most dangerous strains of flu, linked with higher rates of disease and mortality.
  • Vaccines for the flu have been less effective this year, immunizing only 30% of people treated in the US.
  • The low rate of immunization has led fewer people to receive vaccines, worsening the spread of the virus.
  • To date, 49 states are experiencing widespread flu activity, 32 states are reporting severe flu activity, and 1 state, Alabama, has declared a state of emergency.
  • Since the start of this year’s flu season, 30 children have died from influenza infections.
  • Despite the lower immunization rate, doctors are urging Americans to receive vaccines.
  • Even if the vaccine doesn’t immunize you to the flu, it can improve a person’s ability to recover from a flu infection.

How EnviroShield® Defends Against the Flu

As the flu epidemic has worsened, schools have been turning to JAN-PRO and our EnviroShield® disinfection system to keep children safe. EnviroShield® offers three crucial features that make it ideally suited for fighting the flu in schools and childcare facilities…

School Cleaning Services

The first advantage is its powerful disinfectant. EnviroShield® uses a hospital-grade disinfectant that eliminates more than 99.997% of harmful contagions on contact. This includes all strains of influenza.

The second is its application system. EnviroShield® contains an innovative misting system which envelops treated surfaces in a germ-fighting shield. The system gives the disinfectant an electrostatic charge, which causes the disinfectant to wrap itself around treated surfaces. This allows EnviroShield® to disinfect areas and surfaces that other systems can’t reach.

The third is its safety and eco-friendliness. The disinfectant used in EnviroShield® has received the EPA’s highest safety rating for disinfectants. It creates zero harsh or toxic fumes, and it leaves behind no sticky or dangerous residues. It is completely safe for use in schools and day cares, and it can even be used in facilities where students have respiratory health concerns, like asthma or allergies.

In addition to the classroom, EnviroShield® is fighting this year’s flu epidemic in a variety of other environments. JAN-PRO cleaners use this versatile system to disinfect a wide range of spaces, including daycares, healthcare centers, fitness centers, medical facilities, nursing homes, offices, restaurants, and more.

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