Our Janitorial Services For Frederick Businesses

Posted on March 13, 2020

At JAN-PRO® of Baltimore, our comprehensive janitorial services make it easier for Frederick area businesses to get spotless cleanings that address germs and bacteria, too. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality of service, state-of-the-art cleaning products and methods, and a guarantee that’s one of the most powerful in the entire commercial cleaning industry.

We bring hospital-strength disinfection and cleaning to businesses of all types throughout the region. But we always tailor your services to the specific considerations of your company. Simply put, restaurants have different standards for cleanliness than university classrooms. No matter your industry, we always make sure that your cleaning services are timely, consistent, and suited perfectly to the needs of your business.

About Our Approach To Janitorial Services in Frederick

One of the many benefits of JAN-PRO of Baltimore is our owner-led cleaning services. From the first meeting to every subsequent visit, one of our owner-operators will always be directly involved in the janitorial services we provide.

For businesses in Frederick, it means we can closely supervise each cleaning to make sure it meets our own rigorous standards. It also means you’ll always have someone present who’s directly invested in your business and the quality of services that are being provided. It’s just one of the many measures that define our brand’s strong reputation for cleanings.

With cleaning services, we use extra-strength, non-toxic cleaning products that target grime, bacteria, dirt, and other particles that find their way into workplaces. We don’t simply wipe down surfaces, but also offer disinfection and deep cleaning where it’s needed. Our owner-operators are well-versed in OSHA standards and other crucial workplace regulations, so we can always work with you to met these standards, for complete peace of mind.

JAN-PRO of Baltimore Offers Powerful Deep Cleaning With Guaranteed Results

With our janitorial services, we never want our clients in Frederick to feel like they’re not getting an exceptional level of work. For businesses throughout the region, we audit our own services for quality control, and include a guarantee with your services in:

Any issues related to cleaning can be resolved in 24 hours or less. If that doesn’t happen for any reason, we’ll cover the cost of your next regular service. With JAN-PRO of Baltimore, you’ll always know you’re getting an unparalleled level of cleaning, matched only by our high quality of customer service.

If you need janitorial services in Frederick County, JAN-PRO of Baltimore can help. Contact (410) 665-1800 to learn more the robust cleanings we can offer your business.