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Georgetown’s Top Choice for Commercial Cleaning Services

Nestled in the heart of Central Texas, Georgetown is a thriving and vibrant community. Bustling commercial establishments are crucial contributors to the city’s growth and prosperity. However, these establishments also generate the need for regular commercial cleaning in Georgetown. JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting is the premier provider of Georgetown commercial cleaning services. With years of industry experience, skilled professionals, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our certified franchisees are the top choice for businesses and offices in the city.  


What To Expect From Janitorial Service in Georgetown

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting provides the highest-quality commercial cleaning in Georgetown, TX. When you partner with our certified franchisees, you can expect to work with a team of highly skilled and rigorously trained service providers committed to creating a clean and healthy environment for your business. Our expertise in office cleaning in Georgetown, TX, ensures that every inch of your workspace is meticulously taken care of.

Our dedication to using only the best equipment and products sets us apart from other Georgetown commercial cleaning services. In our commitment to maintaining the highest standards, we only utilize EPA-rated cleaning products.

Our signature disinfecting process in Georgetown includes the following:

  • HEPA-filtered vacuums
  • Hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Advanced virus disinfection systems
  • Air quality purification
  • Color-coded microfiber cloths to prevent cross-contamination of viruses and bacteria
  • A thorough 50-point review process to ensure your satisfaction with the final result

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Boost Your Image With Custom Commercial Cleaning Solutions

When you trust JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting for your office cleaning in Georgetown, TX, you get the following benefits:

  • Our clients are guaranteed the highest level of quality and satisfaction. With our customized cleaning plans tailored to suit your business needs, you no longer need to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified franchisees will work around your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations. This allows you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.
  • All our franchisees are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Knowing that your property, assets, and confidential information are safe and secure gives you peace of mind.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in the commercial cleaning industry, providing you with a pristine and germ-free workspace. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust JAN-PRO Georgetown commercial cleaning to deliver exceptional results.
  • When it comes to janitorial services in Georgetown, there’s no room for compromised hygiene. That’s why we utilize cleaning solutions proven to eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria in the workplace. Rest assured, our team is trained in best practices for disinfection and sanitization, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your employees and guests.

You won’t go wrong when you choose JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting for your Georgetown commercial cleaning needs. With the help of our certified franchisees, you’ll benefit from a spotless and inviting facility that enhances your business’s success.


Comprehensive Cleaning Service in Georgetown, TX

Our wide range of janitorial services in Georgetown are designed to cater to the unique needs of various industries. We offer the following cleaning solutions:

Kitchen Cleaning

We know the importance of maintaining a pristine kitchen. Our certified franchisees use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure that your kitchen meets industry standards for cleanliness and hygiene. From degreasing kitchen hoods to sanitizing countertops, our comprehensive services will keep your establishment in top condition.

Restroom Cleaning

Clean restrooms are essential for maintaining a professional image. We deliver exceptional restroom cleaning services with a focus on sanitation and hygiene. We use patented cleaning technologies to ensure all surfaces, fixtures, and touchpoints are thoroughly disinfected and germ-free.

Waiting Room Cleaning

First impressions matter. A clean, well-maintained waiting room reflects positively on your business and helps put your customers at ease. We will keep your reception areas looking inviting and polished. We vacuum carpets and upholstery to ensure your waiting room is always ready to welcome your clients.

Window Cleaning

Dirty windows can lower the overall appearance of your business and obstruct natural light. Our professional window cleaning services are designed to provide a streak-free shine. Whether it’s a small storefront or a multi-story building, we are equipped and ready to handle all your window cleaning needs.

Store Aisle Cleaning

A clean and organized store aisle enhances the shopping experience and instills confidence in your products. Our team provides store aisle cleaning services to maintain organized shelves, spotless floors, and dust-free surfaces. We work around your store’s operational hours to minimize disruption to your business.

Exterior Cleaning

A well-maintained exterior is essential for your business’s overall image. Our exterior cleaning services include power washing, graffiti removal, and sidewalk cleaning.

Classroom Cleaning

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting removes dirt, dust, and germs from surfaces and touchpoints in educational institutions. We work closely with administrators to develop customized cleaning solutions that meet the needs of each unique facility.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Construction projects can leave quite a mess behind. We ensure that your space is in a clean, safe, and functional state for occupancy. We perform dusting, debris removal and comprehensive floor cleaning so your newly constructed establishment is move-in ready.

Industries Served

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting proudly serves a diverse range of industries in the Georgetown area. We offer our expertise and commitment to quality to keep your business looking its best.

Industries we serve include:

  • Auto dealerships
  • Banks
  • Fitness centers
  • Medical facilities
  • Religious facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Schools

Reach out to JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Georgetown for unbeatable service today.

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Specialty Services Offered


In healthcare, there’s no room for error. That’s why JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting’s MEDMETRIX® certification program is specifically designed for a variety of medical facilities ... and teaches owner-operators to clean and disinfect in strict observance of the guidelines set down by the CDC, AORN, OSHA, Joint Commission, and related governing institutions.


The proprietary EnviroShield system used by JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisees treats areas and surfaces others can’t reach.... And its EPA-approved disinfectants eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including MRSA, H1N1, E. coli, and listeria.


When it comes to cleaning techniques JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting don’t mess around. JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisees are certified with industry leading brand standards top quality products... that include office cleaning products and processes that leverage technology to deliver a guaranteed commercial cleaning experience by using the most advanced equipment, including HEPA-rated vacuums, hospital-grade disinfectants, and color-coded microfiber cloths.

Special Services

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisees offer hard floor refinishing, expert carpet cleaning, window cleaning, power washing, and... almost any special commercial cleaning and maintenance service your facility needs.