Maximizing Property Value with Professional Property Management Cleaning Services

Posted on October 24, 2023

Do you manage or own a property or multiple properties in Western NY? When managing properties, as you may well know, cleanliness plays a vital role in determining overall value. Potential buyers or tenants are drawn to the visual appeal of a property, making it essential for property owners and property managers to take steps to keep their spaces clean. This is where professional property management cleaning services come into play. 

When handled correctly, your Western NY property can achieve its maximum potential on the market. That’s why, when it comes to maintaining your property’s cleanliness, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. 

What Are Property Management Cleaning Services?

Property management cleaning services refer to the professional services provided to residential and commercial properties. These cover houses, multi-unit properties, and commercial properties for sale or rent, as well as the common spaces of multi-unit properties. Property owners, property managers, or real estate agents use these services to improve their property’s cleanliness and overall appearance. 

Property management cleaning services can vary between service providers. However, these generally entail the following services:

  • General Cleaning: Cleaning common areas, such as lobbies, hallways, elevators, stairways, and other shared spaces and amenities. These spaces are dusted, vacuumed, and mopped, while garbage bins are emptied regularly. General cleaning is often done daily.
  • Deep Cleaning: These include the hard-to-reach areas that aren’t cleaned regularly, such as the upholstery and carpets in common areas, windows, and light fixtures. These are done monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.
  • Move-in/Move-out Cleaning: This is done before a tenant moves in or after they move out. Property managers may want to conduct minor renovations and changes to ensure the space is in good condition for incoming or potential tenants interested in viewing the property.

  • Emergency Cleaning: In case of accidents, floods, and other significant incidents that require immediate attention. These are required on an as-needed basis and are urgently needed to mitigate property damage. 

Benefits of Property Management Cleaning Services

With quality cleaning services for property management, you can achieve the following benefits: 

  • Time Efficiency: Property owners may have their own day jobs or day-to-day tasks, which limit the time available to handle their property’s cleanliness. Property managers and real estate agents can also have other tasks and properties to manage. Property management cleaning services remove time-consuming responsibilities and allow property managers to focus on core duties, such as tenant management and property maintenance.

  • Consistency and Reliability: Property managers need consistent and reliable cleaning services. This means having professional cleaners who can work on a schedule and ensure their property remains clean, especially for properties with multiple tenants or high foot traffic.

  • Enhanced Property Appeal: Cleanliness helps attract and retain tenants. Well-maintained properties, from the common areas to the particular units handled by a property manager, can create a positive impression. Buyers can see exactly what they’re purchasing. At the same time, potential tenants can feel like they will be dealing with a property manager or landlord who takes steps to make their property a safe place to use.

  • Improved Tenant Satisfaction: When the property is thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained, tenants are more likely to be satisfied with the property. In comparison, filthy common areas send a message that property management doesn’t care about the tenants, which can lead to higher turnover rates and the costs associated with move-outs.

  • Cost-Effective Cleaning Solutions: Outsourcing cleaning tasks can be more practical than hiring in-house property cleaners full-time. Some property managers need cleaning services as needed. Additionally, those who need daily cleaning services don’t have to worry about recruitment, training, and employee benefits, saving on costs associated with employing full-time cleaning staff.

Manage Your Western NY Property’s Cleanliness with JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting

Whether you own a residential property, commercial building, or rental unit in Western NY, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene should be a top priority. Investing in professional cleaning services ensures that your property remains in top condition, attracting potential buyers or tenants and commanding higher prices. 

Find professional property management cleaning solutions with JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting. Contact our trusted Western NY team at (866) 950-6616 for more information.