Our Janitorial Services in Sandy

Posted on February 28, 2020

Getting consistent janitorial services you’re satisfied with shouldn’t have to be difficult. With JAN-PRO® of Utah, it isn’t. We offer businesses in Sandy the benefit of reliable deep cleanings that disinfect surfaces while leaving your workplace looking spotless.

You get both the considerate care of a small business plus the cutting-edge technologies and disinfectants that come with a global company. We can help your workplace meet the standard practices and protocols of your industry, too, with expert cleanings that adhere to OSHA, AORN, and other regulations.

With a frequent schedule of services, a cleaning plan that’s drafted specifically for your business, and closely supervised services, we give business owners the ultimate peace of mind. That’s not even mentioning our guarantee, which comes with every single cleaning.

Guaranteed Janitorial Services For Sandy Area Businesses

At JAN-PRO of Utah, the personalized cleaning plan is a cornerstone of our business. We know that each company has unique needs based on the industry you serve, the layout of your space, and even the level of foot traffic you get on a regular basis. Your cleaning plan is shaped with those considerations in mind. We’ll get your input, so you can be sure that it meets a high standard of clean.

Once your cleaning plan has been created, we use this as a blueprint for janitorial services. For business owners in Sandy, it means you’ll always know what you’re getting from our cleaners. We always strive to meet the JAN-PRO Signature Clean®, our own highly rigorous cleaning standards, and your personalized plan is just one way we accomplish that.

With JAN-PRO Technics®, our full collection of products, we target high-touch areas, high-traffic destinations like kitchens and bathrooms, plus other spaces that need a deep clean. We make sure no inch of your workplace is ignored or overlooked when it comes to our services.

JAN-PRO of Utah is Owner-Supervised Cleaning Services For Greater Accountability

JAN-PRO Tracker® is the final system from our business. It’s how we deliver quality control to all the businesses we serve in the area:

You shouldn’t ever have to think twice about your janitorial services. At JAN-PRO of Utah, we believe that cleanings should be seamless and easy for business owners in Sandy. Our owner-operators make sure that’s true, supervising each cleaning for a higher level of accountability.

Don’t wait to get janitorial services that are reliable and exacting. Business owners in Sandy can call (801) 892-0110 to speak to JAN-PRO of Utah today.