Professional Medical Office Cleaning for Salt Lake City and Midvale

Posted on June 29, 2017

Professional Medical Office Cleaning for Salt Lake City and Midvale

Welcome to JAN-PRO® of Utah! We serve the greater Salt Lake City area, including Midvale, with expert medical office cleaning services. Our understanding of the importance of commercial cleaning services in any medical facility is so complete we are able to focus on the smallest sources of germs and bacteria so you don’t have to. Our medical office cleaning services make it possible for you to focus on the care of your patients so you can serve their needs at a high level. We offer a comprehensive medical office cleaning services that utilize in-depth training, proprietary cleaning systems, and best technology to deliver a superior level of clean.

Extensively Trained Medical Office Cleaning Professionals

To ensure absolute quality and the highest levels of service throughout the Salt Lake City area, the JAN-PRO of Utah staff participates in an extensive and exhaustive professional training program. Prior to hiring any medical office cleaning staff, we conduct a background check on each individual. Our owner-operators are certified through a five-week training program and is required to maintain continuing education as long as he or she remains on staff with us. Prior to walking in the door of any medical facility, our Salt Lake City staff is guaranteed to be fully educated about all of our products and processes, as well as the specific needs and requirements related to the cleaning of medical offices.

Unrivaled Medical Office Cleaning Expertise in the Salt Lake City Area

Using the EnviroShield® system, we guarantee the greatest levels of disinfection and cleanliness in any medical office we clean. EnviroShield® kills a verified minimum of 99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria in any given area. We use it throughout the Salt Lake City area to disinfect the surfaces of desks, chairs, phones, door handles, and waiting areas in the strongest and safest fashion.

At JAN-PRO of Utah, we also use our MedMetrix® system, which guarantees compliance with OSHA, AORN, and the CDC. All of our products are green and environment friendly. We use careful color coordination with our micro-fiber fabrics to avoid cross-contamination between different areas of your Salt Lake City medical office.

To learn more about medical office cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Utah, call us today at (801) 892-0110. We serve the greater Salt Lake City area, including Midvale, and look forward to handling all of your cleaning needs!