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Providing a safe and healthy environment for your patients is essential. With medical offices cleaning service from JAN-PRO® of Tucson AZ, you can be confident your waiting areas and exam rooms, as well as all other areas of your medical office, are clean and disinfected. Our trained medical office cleaning staff provides the quality service you need to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.

We Know Medical Facilities

JAN-PRO is proud to provide medical offices throughout the Tucson AZ area with thorough and comprehensive cleaning services. You can count on JAN-PRO of Tucson AZ for certified technicians, state of the art cleaning systems, and OSHA compliant medical office cleaning services.

What Our Clients Have to Say

MedMetrix® Cleaning

JAN-PRO’s proprietary MedMetrix cleaning system features superior disinfection capabilities that meet the standards of the Joint Commission, CDC, and other regulatory agencies.

EnviroShield® Disinfecting System

The most comprehensive and state-of-the art disinfecting system, EnviroShield ensures every surface and area of your office is ready for use. EnviroShield uses a category IV-rated and hospital grade disinfectant to safely clean your entire medical office.

Careful Medical Office Cleaning Service

Minimizing the risk of cross contamination of surfaces in a medical office is essential. JAN-PRO of Tucson AZ uses color coded cloths and floor mops to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria between surfaces and rooms.

Clean Restrooms

Ensuring your medical office has clean restrooms could not be more important. JAN-PRO of Tucson AZ uses the highest quality cleaning products and services for a thorough and complete clean. Extra attention is paid to areas likely to spread germs, including faucet handles, towel dispensers and door handles.

Clean Floors

Flooring in medical offices often changes between waiting rooms, exam rooms and doctor’s offices. Whether your medical facility has hard surface flooring, carpet or a variety of flooring surfaces, we’ll take the time to ensure each space has a clean and germ free floor.

Green Cleaning

Keeping our environment protected from chemicals is important to the JAN-PRO of Tucson AZ team. Our medical offices cleaning service includes a variety of environmentally safe cleaning products. Ask our team about our green cleaning techniques!

Clean Air

Airborne illness and germs are common in medical offices. JAN-PRO of Tucson AZ provides air quality cleaning services that reduce dirt to .3 microns.

Experienced Cleaning Technicians

At JAN-PRO of Tucson AZ, we are proud to have a staff of trained and experienced cleaning technicians. Our five-week training course is intensive and includes classes on the skills and strategies needed to provide the best possible medical offices cleaning service. Your JAN-PRO of Tucson AZ cleaning technicians will always arrive on time, in uniform, and with an ID that easily identifies them as part of our team.

Regulatory Compliant Cleaning

Your medical office must meet a variety of cleaning standards to remain compliant with the appropriate regulatory agencies. Medical offices cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Tucson AZ are designed to meet or exceed these standards. Call our Tucson office to learn more about each cleaning standard we meet.

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