Janitorial Services in Tucson: Questions to Ask About Your Quote

Posted on May 25, 2018

Selecting a quality janitorial services provider for your business in Tucson is an important part of maintaining a clean, comfortable, and efficient workplace. In order to make this decision, you’ll need to research your facility’s cleaning needs, the standards and requirements of your industry, and the service offerings of commercial cleaning vendors in your area. At JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of Tucson, we’ll assist you with this process by coming to your commercial property for a free, in-person cleaning consultation. During this consultation, we’ll gather information about your cleaning needs and preferences, as well as the specifics of your facility, in order to provide you with an accurate quote for our janitorial services in Tucson.

Your Free Janitorial Services Quote in Tuscon

When any business cleaner offers you a quote for their services, it’s important to ask specific questions to ensure that you understand the various calculations that went into the quote. Here are some questions we recommend asking commercial cleaning vendors about their services before signing on the dotted line:

  • Do you offer all the cleaning services my business requires? Some business cleaning companies in Tucson offer a wide range of janitorial cleaning services to meet the various needs of different industries. Others, however, stick to a small selection of services. Take the time to lay out the specific cleaning services your business requires and confirm that they are part of the cleaning company’s service offering.
  • What systems and products will you use to clean my business? Don’t hesitate to ask about the specifics of the cleaning processes the company incorporates into its cleaning arsenal. Choosing a janitorial service in Tucson that works with high-tech processes can give you confidence that they’ll provide high-quality results that couldn’t be achieved with traditional cleaning techniques. In addition, business owners with a strong preference for eco-friendly cleaning methods may want to inquire about the ingredients in the company’s cleaning formulas.
  • Do you have experience cleaning similar facilities in my industry? Choose a janitorial services provider that has experience working with businesses in your industry, especially if your facilities must meet specific cleaning standards or regulations. At JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Tucson, we have the training and resources necessary to adhere to the health and safety regulations of a variety of different organizations, including the CDC, OSHA, AORN, and Joint Commission.

Get started with a free janitorial services quote today by calling JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Tucson at (520) 885-9600 to arrange a free cleaning consultation at your business in the Tucson area.