What to Expect from Automotive Dealership Cleaning Contractors in Mt. Laurel

Posted on June 28, 2017

When your auto dealership shines, so does your brand reputation. That’s why it’s so important to find a cleaning contractor that will leave your Mt. Laurel-area automotive dealership completely spotless after every single cleaning.

At JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of Delaware Valley, we’re part of the largest and most-trusted cleaning brand in the world. Through our years of experience in the cleaning industry, we’ve come to know exactly what it takes to thoroughly clean and disinfect every inch of your auto dealership. Now, to help you find the right cleaning contractor for your Mt. Laurel-area automotive dealership, we’ve highlighted three key points to consider when vetting a potential cleaner.

Cleaning Systems Used by Mt. Laurel-Area Automotive Dealership Cleaning Contractors

When looking for a cleaning contractor for your Mt. Laurel automotive dealership, it’s important to ask a potential cleaner about the cleaning systems they use. You will want to find a cleaner with systems in place to leave every inch of your dealership spotless, including showrooms, service bays, windows, and specialized floor care.

Safe Cleaning Systems

Finding a cleaning contractor that thoroughly and safely disinfects your Mt. Laurel-area automotive dealership will help protect the health and safety of your clients and employees. For example, some of the safe cleaning methods we offer at JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Delaware Valley include:

  • Using the minimum volume necessary of our hospital-grade disinfectant to help protect the health of your clients and employees.
  • Color-coding our microfiber cloths and flat mops to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Using HEPA-filter vacuums to trap harmful and irritating airborne particles.
  • Wearing full uniforms and prominent ID badges when on-site to help protect your dealership’s security.

Certified Professional Cleaners

Just as your clients rely on you to know the ins and outs of the vehicles you sell, a potential cleaning contractor should have extensive knowledge of the cleaning products and systems they use. Finding a cleaning contractor who has been certified in the systems and technologies they use to clean your Mt. Laurel-area automotive dealership will ensure they are able to safely and efficiently use the cleaning methods they offer.

To find out more about choosing a reliable automotive dealership cleaning contractor in Mt. Laurel, South Jersey, Haddon Heights, or throughout the surrounding area, call JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of Delaware Valley today at (856) 547-5550.