How An Office Cleaning Checklist in Bridgeport Keeps Your Customers and Staff Healthy

Posted on August 20, 2019

Have you considered if your current office cleaning checklist in Bridgeport is doing a good job of keeping your clients and staff safe and healthy? At JAN-PRO® of Southern Connecticut, we utilize customized cleaning checklists as part of an overarching quality assurance system called the JAN-PRO Tracker® to deliver a high-quality clean for our clients. Whether you work in Bridgeport, New Haven, Norwalk, or a nearby town, look to our professionals to keep your office clean and hygienic.

What’s On Your Office Cleaning Checklist in Bridgeport?

While basic tasks like polishing, dusting, and vacuuming are essential to any office cleaning routine, if your checklist doesn’t include more in-depth cleaning tasks, you may be doing your employees a disservice. In order to ensure that you’re providing them with a sanitary and hygienic workplace, you’ll need to practice more thorough cleaning protocol such as the following:

  • Disinfection. We offer wall-to-wall disinfection with an exclusive system called EnviroShield® that utilizes an innovative misting applicator to treat all types of surfaces, including fibrous materials and electronics.
  • Indoor air filtration. Our high-tech HEPA filter vacuums do double-duty by offering maximum suction on hard floors and carpets while also reducing levels of indoor air pollution for safer, healthier air quality.
  • Detailed bathroom cleaning. Your office’s restrooms are a prime location for person-to-person germ transfer, which means they need extra attention. We work with microfiber cleaning materials and hospital-grade formulas to sanitize high-touch surfaces in bathrooms and other sensitive areas.

Creating Your Office Cleaning Checklist in Bridgeport with Our Experts

Our owner-operators will work with you to create a checklist that meets all the requirements of your business while adhering to your preferences and accommodating your concerns. We’ll even come by your workplace for a free consultation, which will give us an opportunity to do a walkthrough of your facility and discuss our services with you in person.

We’ll carefully consider every detail to create an in-depth checklist that leaves your office healthy, hygienic, and professional looking. And since our JAN-PRO Tracker® quality assurance system quantifies the results that we deliver, you can count on us to keep your workplace consistently clean.

Contact JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut today at (203) 299-0214 for details about creating a customized office cleaning checklist in Bridgeport, New Haven, Norwalk, or a community in the surrounding areas.