Phoenix Can Mean BIG Money

Posted on November 26, 2019

As a stable sector with lots of growth opportunities, commercial cleaning can be an exciting starting point for your business. But cutting through the noise of local competitors isn’t always an easy prospect. That’s where JAN-PRO® of Phoenix can help. We offer franchising opportunities, commercial cleaning contracts, and plenty more, so you can get your business off the ground and start earning.

3 Ways We Help You Retain Your Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Phoenix

While getting new clients is its own challenge, keeping on existing customers can present even more of a difficulty. In fact, the average cleaning service loses over half of its cleaning contracts because of quality issues. For a new franchisee in Phoenix, here’s how we help to prevent that from happening:

  • Quality assurance measures. With the JAN-PRO Signature Clean® and JAN-PRO Tracker® systems, we have protocols in place to help you carefully adhere to the standards and practices that define our high-quality cleaning services. It also gives your clients peace of mind, knowing quality assurance practices are in place.
  • Delivering business accounts. When you’re busy chasing down every new client lead, it’s harder to dedicate efforts to existing clients. But since we provide you with commercial cleaning contracts, you’ll have the time, resources, and bandwidth to make sure your current clients are satisfied.
  • The visibility of our brand. As one of the top local cleaners, JAN-PRO of Phoenix has grown our brand’s visibility in the business community of the region. That means prospective clients may already know about the powerful service guarantee you can offer, and other attractive features of the brand.

Getting Ahead With JAN-PRO of Phoenix

Did you know that most small businesses don’t stay solvent after the first couple of years? While starting a new company is tricky, starting a new franchise can reduce the risk while offering the same exciting rewards. And most franchised businesses are still operational even seven years later!

At JAN-PRO of Phoenix, we’re serious about providing you with the ongoing and dedicated support you need to get your business started. We don’t just offer cleaning contracts. We can guide you through decisions for your business, choices for equipment, and get you trained on our brand standards. We offer business guidance and advice when you need it.

While you’ll still have the freedom of a small business owner, you’ll also have the full support of a big business to back you as you grow and thrive.

Interested in commercial cleaning contracts with our business? Call (602) 438-1000 to speak to JAN-PRO of Phoenix today.