Janitorial Cleaning in Phoenix: The Microfiber Advantage

Posted on November 1, 2017

From microwaves to cell phones, new developments in technology help us every day in almost every way. This is especially true in the cleaning industry, where innovations in technology have allowed us at JAN-PRO® of Phoenix to deliver janitorial cleaning services that are more efficient and effective. This is thanks to vacuums, disinfectant, and one of our most valuable cleaning tools – our microfiber cloths and mops.

Greener Cleaning in Phoenix with Microfiber

What makes our microfiber cloths and mops at JAN-PRO of Phoenix so essential to the janitorial cleaning services we provide to area facilities is their ability to clean more thoroughly using fewer harsh cleaning chemicals. Where traditional cloths and rags are woven using large fibers of cotton or nylon, the fibers that make up our microfiber cloths and mops are 1/16 the size of a human hair. While the large fibers in traditional cloths brush past small dirt and bacteria particles, the fibers in our microfiber cloths are so small that they are able to attach onto and remove microscopic particles of bacteria, as well as dirt and dust. In fact, studies have shown that while traditional cloths and mops are able to remove 30% of bacteria from surfaces, microfiber materials have the ability to remove 99% of all bacteria. By using these antibacterial microfiber cloths to deliver our janitorial cleaning services at JAN-PRO of Phoenix, we’re able to provide germ-free cleaning results while using fewer chemicals. This leads to a healthier workplace environment and a greener earth.

Efficient Janitorial Cleaning Using Microfiber

The microfiber cloths help us at JAN-PRO of Phoenix provide greener and safer janitorial cleaning results. Traditional cloths work by dragging across surfaces, picking up dirt and dust particles as they go. While this method provides some level of clean, it often takes several wipes to get a surface clean. In contrast, when the fibers in our microfiber cloths rub together, they become positively charged. This positive charge acts as a magnet, attracting dust particles, which are negatively charged. The charge traps the dust within our cloths weaving, allowing us to clean surfaces quicker and more effectively than with traditional cloths and mops, maximizing your ROI.

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