About Our Janitorial Services in Lancaster

Posted on March 11, 2020

At JAN-PRO® of Harrisburg, we’re proud to set a standard for deep cleaning. For businesses throughout Lancaster County, our janitorial services use comprehensive accountability measures, detailed checklists, and training programs to ensure that you’re always getting an exceptional quality of cleaning.

That’s in addition to the state-of-the-art disinfection systems and powerful cleaning products of our global brand. These proprietary products and technologies can cut straight through grime, viruses, bacteria, and other particles that are common to every workplace. From hospitals to corporate offices, we can thoroughly deep clean every part of your business that needs attention.

Our Rigorous Standards For Janitorial Services in Lancaster

With JAN-PRO of Harrisburg, we make it easy for businesses to get the level of deep cleaning that’s needed on a regular basis. Our owner-operators are deeply involved throughout all janitorial services in Lancaster, to make sure that your cleanings are up to our own standards as well as yours.

Your cleaning plan will be unique to your business, honed by your input, your industry’s standards, the configuration of your workplace, and the level of activity that you see on a regular basis. We always target areas that attract germs and contamination, paying special attention to bathrooms, kitchens, and other busy areas of a workplace. No corner of your space is ignored when it comes to your cleaning plan.

For businesses like hospitals, we offer specialized programs like our MedMetrix® system, which incorporates careful disinfection and cleaning protocols needed for medical facilities to run smoothly. Every industry has a different set of standards and needs, and we make sure that’s in mind when we’re cleaning your space.

Cleaning services are always conducted with the supervision of an owner-operator, which is just one of the many measures we take to ensure high-quality services. We also regularly inspect and audit your cleaning services on your behalf, assessing our own team to make sure that we’re always striving for excellence.

Guaranteed Janitorial Services For Lancaster County

With JAN-PRO of Harrisburg, you can always look forward to our cleaning guarantee. We offer this with all our janitorial services in the county and beyond, such as:

Our cleaners can address any issues related to cleaning services in just 24 hours. Otherwise, your next cleaning will be covered by us. That’s our guarantee, for your complete satisfaction.

At JAN-PRO of Harrisburg, we’re committed to the deep clean. Take advantage of our comprehensive janitorial services in Lancaster County—call (717) 745-1440 for an estimate.