Signs You Need Business Cleaning Services in Detroit

Posted on November 20, 2017

While you rely on your workers to keep your operations running smoothly and to make sure your business is a success, relying on your workers to provide cleaning services to your Detroit-area business, could be putting your company at risk. Without the proper experience and training, even the most loyal and diligent workers are bound to leave certain areas of your facility in Michigan overlooked or else hastily cleaned. Over time, this can cause a buildup of dirt and grime in certain areas of your facility, leading to a number of problems, including negative customer reviews, and health and safety concerns.

In order for a business to succeed, there comes a time when managers and owners need to start outsourcing certain tasks to get the best possible results. JAN-PRO®  of Detroit has listed a few of the signs it’s time for your company to partner with a business cleaning service in order to have a cleaner, safer, and more-pleasant facility.

Does Your Detroit-Area Business Need Cleaning Service

If you run a company in Detroit, Birmingham, Southfield, Troy, Ann Arbor, or throughout the surrounding areas, just some of the signs you could benefit from business cleaning services include:

  • Negative Customer Reviews. No one wants to read that customers find their facility dirty or unhygienic. Rather than ignoring negative reviews about your facility’s cleanliness, you can show customers you listen and care about their experience within your facility by partnering with a business cleaning service such as JAN-PRO of Detroit.
  • An Unpleasant First Impression. You want your customers to feel right at home the minute they enter your facility. If you’ve witnessed potential customers entering your company and leaving within seconds, this may be due to the cleanliness and overall appearance of your facility. 
  • An Increase in Worker Absences. While colds and coughs may be inevitable, if your workers are continually calling in sick, the germs and viruses present in your facility may be affecting their health and safety.
  • A Decline in Worker Motivation. Having to work in a smelly, grimy, or dingy environment can leave workers feeling underappreciated and unmotivated. Partnering with a business cleaning service can kickstart productivity within your Detroit-area company, and can help show your workers you appreciate all they do for your business.

To partner with a business cleaning service with the experience and expertise to leave your Detroit-area company clean, safe, and ready to impress, call JAN-PRO of Detroit today at (248) 936-0300.