EnviroShield® Commercial Disinfectant System

Bacteria, viruses, and lingering odors have no place in a clean and hygienic workspace. That’s why JAN-PRO® uses our exclusive EnviroShield® system for commercial disinfection and deodorization. EnviroShield® uses an eco-friendly commercial disinfectant and proprietary technology to wipe out 99.99% of germs, even in places other systems can’t reach. Through EnviroShield®, JAN-PRO cleaners can give your business a healthier, safer, and fresher workplace.

State-of-the-Art Commercial Disinfection

EnviroShield® uses an innovative application system that allows JAN-PRO cleaners to treat spaces that traditional commercial disinfectants typically can’t reach. These include hard-to-reach areas, nooks and crannies, porous surfaces, and fibrous materials: the hiding spots germs use to escape other disinfection systems. Through proprietary misting technology, EnviroShield® envelops treated surfaces in a germ-neutralizing mist. This mist penetrates into materials and hard-to-reach areas where other disinfections systems struggle to neutralize germs.

The commercial disinfectant used in EnviroShield® offers medical-grade disinfection, eliminating over 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact. This includes dangerous bacteria like salmonella and E. coli, common viruses like the cold and flu, and disinfectant-resistant pathogens like MRSA. Even though it’s tough on germs, the disinfectant used in EnviroShield® is gentle on people and the environment. This disinfectant carries the EPA’s highest grade for safety and non-toxicity. It generates no harmful residues, no toxic byproducts, and no harsh or irritating fumes. It’s completely safe for use in any workplace, even those where employees or customers experience respiratory difficulties.

EnviroShield® eliminates odors using the same commercial disinfectant it uses to combat infectious pathogens. By neutralizing the bacteria and fungi causing odors, EnviroShield® deodorizes a wide range of lingering and unpleasant smells. EnviroShield® can effectively neutralize bathroom odors, lingering food aromas, odors caused by mold or mildew, and other offensive scents. After each visit by your JAN-PRO cleaning provider, your facility will feel just as fresh and just as clean as it appears.

Targeted Disinfection Strategies

Our EnviroShield® system is only part of what makes JAN-PRO uniquely suited to commercial disinfection services. JAN-PRO owner-operators are also trained in targeted disinfection strategies. We maximize the impact of our disinfection services by paying special attention to high-touch areas, where germs are most likely to transfer from one person to another. These include faucet handles, door handles, computer keyboards, and a number of other high-touch surfaces.

EnviroShield® also plays a role in MedMetrix®, a cleaning and disinfection process designed specifically for medical spaces. Beyond EnviroShield®, our cleaners use a range of additional products and strategies to minimize workplace infection risks. We clean using microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads, which capture far higher rates of bacteria than traditional cleaning materials. We also color code our cleaning materials to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination in your workplace. Simply put, no one takes workplace disinfection as seriously as your local JAN-PRO.

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