Preschool and Day Care Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO of Charlotte

Running a day care can be a messy business. Children love to explore and get their hands dirty, but hygiene and tidiness are not their favorite subjects. At JAN-PRO® of Charlotte, we know you want to keep your kids safe. With our pre-school and day care cleaning services, we deliver a hygienic and germ-free environment that’s perfect for learning and play.

We’re Experts at Disinfecting Surfaces

With day care cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Charlotte, you get the advantage of our patented EnviroShield® disinfecting system. The EnviroShield system uses the most advanced disinfection technology in the industry, wrapping even the roughest, most uneven surfaces in a protective shield that protects against germs. EnviroShield is also environmentally- and kid-friendly. Our system is EPA-tested, with no significant safety concerns for children, adults, or the environment.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We Leave Restrooms Spotless

At JAN-PRO of Charlotte, our team of cleaning professionals and experts knows that any day care facility needs clean restrooms. That’s why our preschool and day care cleaning services involve total restroom cleaning – including floors, stall walls, fittings, fixtures, and push plates – with special attention paid to the places where germs are most commonly found.

We Tackle Cross Contamination

Our day care and pre-school cleaning services are designed to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. We use color-coded microfiber cloths and flat mops to avoid tracking bacteria from one room to another.

We Take Care of Specialty Flooring

Whether you use carpet, hard flooring, or a mixture of the two in your preschool or day care, JAN-PRO of Charlotte has the equipment and staff to leave your floors clean, attractive, and germ-free.

We Ensure Air Quality

JAN-PRO of Charlotte uses HEPA-tested vacuums for our pre-school and day care cleaning services, ensuring a safe, breathable space.

We Work with the Environment in Mind

At JAN-PRO of Charlotte, we believe in cleaner living. That’s why our hospital-strength disinfecting systems are gentle on the environment. We’ve designed our cleaning systems to use fewer harmful chemicals.

We Guarantee Our Cleanings

Our team promises to address any service shortcomings within 24 hours. If we fail to fix the problem, your day care facility will receive a complimentary cleaning.

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