Earn Big With Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Albany

Posted on November 20, 2019

Starting any new business comes with its own unique rewards and risks, and that’s true of starting up a new commercial cleaning service, too. While the capital costs of start-up are low in Albany, and the opportunities for growth are significant, it’s also a challenge to gain new business and maintain old cleaning contracts.

At JAN-PRO® of The Capital District, we offer an ideal way to start your own company: by becoming a franchisee. As a franchised business, you’d be able to build out your own business goals and run your business on your terms. But you’d have the backing, support, and cleaning contracts of our company in Albany, too.

3 Ways Our Brand Can Help You Maintain Cleaning Contracts in Albany

Maintaining clientele is one of the underrated challenges of the commercial cleaning industry. On average, a cleaning service can lose over half of its clients due to quality issues or customer service concerns. Here are a few of the ways we can help you maintain relationships and cleaning contracts in Albany:

  • We generate new business. For many cleaning services, it’s incumbent on the business owner to pursue new clients. But you won’t have that challenge. Instead, we can bring you new clients, so you can instead devote your resources to managing and supporting existing customers.
  • We have quality standards programs. It helps for clients to see that there are existing quality assurance processes and methods for delivering on the quality of cleaning services. We equip you with our JAN-PRO Tracker® program, which offers multiple practices and protocols for maintaining quality of service.
  • We have a brand that businesses trust. Over the years, JAN-PRO of The Capital District has built up our reputation for spotless cleaning services, rigorous brand standards, and the most powerful cleaning guarantee in the industry. You’ll be able to leverage that brand awareness to keep your customers satisfied.

How JAN-PRO of The Capital District Helps New Franchisees Succeed

New businesses often struggle out of the gate. But over 95% of franchised businesses are still flourishing even five years into their operations. At JAN-PRO of The Capital District, we take great care to make sure that we’re providing new franchisees with training on brand standards, recommendations for equipment, and even a start-up package.

That’s all in addition to the commercial cleaning contracts we can furnish you with. You’ll have clients in Albany when you start your business, so you can begin earning immediately.

Interested in franchising and cleaning contracts with JAN-PRO of The Capital District? Find out how we support franchisees in Albany—just contact (518) 452-1640.