Reese McCaskill Builds His Own Business Legacy with Customer Service

Posted on February 12, 2015

Reese McCaskill found the perfect fit for his talents and personal goals with JAN-PRO of Detroit.  As a first-time business owner in the new JAN-PRO Detroit office, Reese saw the benefit of being one of the first franchise owners in this market. He immediately felt a strong connection to the franchise model and to both Bryan Lubaway and Jared Rothberger, the Master owners of Detroit, who share his passion for customer service and communication as key success factors for growth.

Having over 13 years of experience in the automotive industry, Reese has seen his share of change and felt JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning would be an ideal business to help him reach his financial goals to ultimately buy the home of his dreams. His father encouraged him to pursue his own business and to remember “building a business is not a sprint but a marathon”.

With that in mind Reese began looking for the team members who would be responsible for providing superior cleaning services to his customers.  He realized the startup would require all his managerial skills to recruit the best folks. Reese feels it’s definitely a perk as a business owner to help others. He says, “It’s quite honesty one of the best parts of owning his own business. Also, it’s a huge benefit to leave a legacy to his three children. He looks forward to seeing his business continue on with the support of his family.

“Being your own boss makes you feel more secure,” adds Reese. “You run the show and don’t have to worry about a poor economy or having your income go down.” In July 2015 Reese started with one of the smallest plans of an FP5 he has grown his business to and FP 35 in 3 short months. His next goal is to double that revenue in the next year.

With his passion and commitment to his business, superior customer service, a strong foundation of training his staff and the support he gets from Bryan and Jared, Reese knows he will succeed with JAN-PRO.