Increase Productivity: How to Organize Your Desk

Posted on June 19, 2017

No matter your field, it pays to have a tidy, organized work space. That’s especially true for office workers and other professionals who spend the bulk of their time behind a desk. But an organized desk doesn’t happen by magic, and it can be easy to put off re-organizing your workstation. So, put aside some time, roll up your sleeves, and use this guide on how to organize your desk to give yourself a more productive workspace.

Start with a Clear Desk

Too often, desk organization projects fail because they’re done in bits and pieces. You might reorder a messy drawer or a cluttered corner of your desktop, for instance, but leave less urgent areas of your desk unchanged. Often, this means that part of your desk will continue to be inefficient, and the areas you tidied will quickly become re-cluttered.

So, when asking how to organize your desk, make sure you start from square one. Clear off your desktop, empty your drawers, and look at your desk as a fresh slate.

Create an Organized Desktop

How you organize your desktop will make the biggest difference in terms of your workstation’s productivity. Here are some tips for how to organize your desk surface:

  • Monitor Placement. Your computer monitor should be front and center on your desktop, with the top of the monitor at eye level and roughly a foot and a half away from your chair. If you regularly meet clients across from your desk, place your monitor to your non-dominant side.
  • Frequent Use Items. Only items you use every day should be on your desktop. Put them to your dominant side along with your phone, where you will be able to reach these items easily.
  • Manage Files. Create a basic, on-desk file management system where you can keep loose papers off of your desktop. Make a habit of filing papers at the end of each work day.
  • Limit Knick Knacks. It can be easy to clutter up your desk with personal items, but these should be kept to a minimum. They not only take up space, they provide an easy distraction.

Organize Desk Drawers

After you’ve cleaned up your desktop, you’ll want to know how to organize your desk drawers. Use the following guidelines for how to organize drawers in your desk:

  • Keep Useful Items Handy. Items you use two or three times a week should be kept at the front of your easiest-to-reach drawer.
  • Use Dividers Wisely. Drawer dividers can be invaluable for keeping your desk organized, helping items stay where they belong instead of getting piled together.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Clutter. If items are out of date or rarely used, consider getting rid of them or finding a home for them that won’t take up valuable desk real estate.

By using these tips for how to organize your desk, you can transform a cluttered and unproductive workstation into a hub of productivity.

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