Cleaning Improves Productivity

Posted on March 6, 2015

American offices seem to be the perfect breeding ground for dirt, clutter and germs. According to Psychology Today, Mess Causes Stress and chances are in most offices, the under-producers all have one thing in common, clutter.

Maybe a tour of your office will bring other things to light. Why is it that Bob used to work so hard but now seems so eager to leave every day at 4:59? His office isn’t cluttered, his desk is neat and tidy, but his work ethic and winning attitude that used to be contagious are now gone. What happened to Bob? Look a little closer and you might be surprised how easy it is to find your answer.

Is your office clean? Are there buildups of dust, dead insects, dirty microwaves or gook, gunk and crud everywhere? Does your office smell moldy? A dirty workplace can negatively impact your employee’s attitudes and health. Sickness and the time off that is associated with it is the ultimate killer of employee productivity.

If you find that your office is dirty and disorganized and that grime may be leading to lowered employee productivity, the next steps are easy to take. First, organize the office and remove things that clutter up the work environments of your employees. Then call a professional janitorial company that knows how to tackle the things that are making your employees work environment sub-optimal.

A good cleaning service that cleans and disinfects your office will remove the dirt and germs that are bringing your employees down. But more than that, the scheduled, regimented cleaning that a professional commercial cleaning service provides will give you peace of mind.

Knowing that you have a clean office means that the health and productivity of your employees will never again suffer at the hands of DIRT.