Bank Cleaning Services: How to Put Security First

Posted on January 16, 2018

Operating a bank, a loan center, or a financial services office involves significant security risks. These risks can make it challenging to hire onsite vendors, like a professional bank cleaning service or an office cleaning service for financial institutions. Finding the right bank cleaning service requires that you pay close attention to vendors’ security protocols.

Are you thinking about hiring a cleaning service for your financial institution? Here’s how you can put security first when hiring a financial institution cleaning service.

Bank Cleaning Services & Security Risks

Financial institutions currently face a host of security regulations from government bureaus and agencies. These include regulations from the CFPB, the FFIEC, the FDIC, and the OCC. Security guidelines have become increasingly strict in the past few years, as regulators have sought to protect consumers from financial data breaches. Despite the data and technology focus of these efforts, new regulations have impacted the way financial institutions hire third-party vendors for non-IT work.

Under current laws, financial institutions face more-or-less equal scrutiny for the actions and protocols of third-party vendors as they do for the actions of in-house staff. New and existing regulations mean that banks and financial institutions must have strict risk assessment and risk management practices in place for third-party contractors, including cleaning services.

When hiring a bank cleaning service, risk management practices and considerations should include:

  • Risk assessment of your facility, targetable materials, and security vulnerabilities.
  • Determining which areas will be cleaned by a vendor vs. any that will need to be cleaned by in-house staff.
  • Full assessment of potential cleaning contractors, including background, reputation, and existing security protocols.
  • Detailed conversation with potential vendors regarding how site-specific requirements will be incorporated into the vendor’s cleaning plan.
  • Protocols in place for site access, communication with management and security staff, monitoring of cleaning personnel, and tracking of all work performed by vendor.
  • Close examination of vendor contracts before committing to one company over another.

Signs of a Secure Bank Cleaning Service

Different cleaning vendors take different approaches to security. So, when you’re looking for a bank cleaning service, it’s important that you know which qualities set security-first janitorial services apart from their less secure counterparts.

Key qualities that you should look for in a secure cleaning service include:

  • Background checks for cleaning personnel.
  • Certified, bonded, and insured cleaning staff.
  • Recognizable, highly visible uniforms with prominent ID badges.
  • Training in standard security protocols for banks and financial offices.
  • Custom cleaning plans, with particular attention to onsite security.

You will find all of the above qualities with your local JAN-PRO®. Our bank cleaning services are specially designed to minimize security risks to banks and other types of financial institutions. We take pride in our security-first approach to cleaning. We take equal pride in our cleaning standards, giving financial institutions a deeper clean, healthier facilities, and the spotless appearance they need to earn client trust.

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