How Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Augusta Offer Big Money

Posted on December 6, 2019

If you’re exploring commercial cleaning contracts as a potential new business in Augusta, you probably already know that this industry is ideal for small businesses. With the low upfront and long-term cost of overhead, it’s easy to start small and grow big.

Unlike retail businesses or office-based businesses, there’s no need to invest in inventory, building space, or capital costs such as expensive vehicles or high-priced equipment. Instead, many cleaning services are able to remain lean in overhead costs and operational costs, too.

3 Industry Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Augusta

Commercial or janitorial cleaning services are a unique industry for the growth they offer and the stability they maintain. Understanding these attributes of the industry can help you decide if it’s the right choice for you:

  • Recession-proof business opportunities. Commercial cleaning is always in demand despite the state of the economy. That’s because businesses always need to maintain basic levels of cleanliness. You won’t get the effect of residential cleaning services, which can be the first cost to go in a recession economy.
  • Increased growth across the sector. Commercial cleaning isn’t just a stable sector, it’s one that is gradually growing over the years. As businesses realize they can save big outsourcing janitorial needs, cleaning contracts are growing in Augusta, Aiken, Athens, and elsewhere.
  • A customer base that keeps coming back. Unlike other industries, where tremendous cost is needed to generate new customers, you’ll have a returning base of clients. Businesses need cleaning services on a frequent and regular basis, which allows you to predict revenue and maintain a steady income.

Your Franchise Opportunities With JAN-PRO of Augusta-Aiken

The rewards of starting a new business are high, but so are the risks. According to the Small Business Association, at least half of small businesses fail within the first five years, and 30% flounder in the first year or two.

But franchising offers the high rewards of small business ownership with far fewer risks. In fact, approximately 95% of franchisees stay open and thriving even after 5 years. With JAN-PRO® of Augusta-Aiken, you can access cleaning contracts, business support, and brand visibility to get your business started.

We pride ourselves on empowering new business owners to scale up on your terms. Whether you’re looking to maintain a small client base or hoping to grow, we offer support to help you get there. You’ll have the many flexibilities and freedoms of a new business owner, while setting yourself up for long-term success.

Interested in cleaning contracts from JAN-PRO of Augusta-Aiken? Start your own business and plan your own future—call (706) 447-8658.