Business Cleaning Services in Mt. Laurel: Key Areas of Your Office

Posted on April 20, 2018

Your employees deserve to work in a clean, comfortable, and hygienic office environment that protects their health and promotes their productivity. At JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of the Delaware Valley, we can help make your business in Mt. Laurel, Haddon Heights, South Jersey, or the surrounding areas a healthy working environment. Our business cleaning services eradicate germs and bacteria from high-traffic areas, improve your indoor air quality, and leave the surfaces in your office shining. Read on for some of the key areas our team of cleaning professionals in Mt. Laurel will take care of in your office space.

Our Priorities for our Business Cleaning Service in Mt. Laurel

When you choose to partner with our business cleaning service in Mt. Laurel, you can be confident that the following areas of your office are clean and ready for business:

  • The bathrooms. Our business cleaning service in Mt. Laurel helps protect your employees’ health by providing total disinfection of the bathrooms, including sensitive areas like toilet flushers, door handles, toilet paper dispensers, paper towel holders, and faucets. We use an advanced disinfecting system, EnviroShield®, that neutralizes 99% of bacteria and viruses as well as unpleasant odors.
  • The break room. We’ll help ensure that your office’s break room is a place where employees can relax, have a snack, and socialize without worrying about germs. Our team of professional cleaners at JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of the Delaware Valley, led by our owner-operator, provide detail cleaning and disinfection of this important area as part of our business cleaning services for the Mt. Laurel area.
  • The office floors. When the floors in your office are shining, the entire space will look and feel cleaner. Our team comes in with specific training and experience, as well as high-quality professional equipment, to expertly clean your office floors. On request, we can even provide deep-cleaning or buffering of the floors.
  • The indoor air. Have you given much thought to the indoor air quality of your office space in Mt. Laurel? We understand how important healthy air is to your employees’ well-being. That’s why our business cleaning service works with HEPA-filter vacuums that filter out harmful airborne particles for air that is fresher and easier to breathe.

Don’t hesitate to get started with our business cleaning services in Mt. Laurel, Haddon Heights, South Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Contact JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of the Delaware Valley today at (856) 547-5550 for more information about how we can help keep your office clean.