How Our Professional Office Cleaning Service in Sacramento Delivers A Higher Standard

Posted on January 2, 2020

Flu season often coincides with cooler months, which is why you may start to notice an uptick in coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and sick days around the office. Around this time of year, it’s especially imperative to have regular and high-quality cleanings from a professional office cleaning service in the greater Sacramento area.

Frequent janitorial services throughout the week can help to limit the spread of bacteria and germs in the air and throughout surfaces in your office. In turn, this can improve your employees’ productivity and decrease sick days. For that reason, having the professional office cleaning services of JAN-PRO® of Sacramento can make an immediate and lasting impact to your business.

3 Ways We Implement Our Professional Office Cleaning Service in Sacramento

With JAN-PRO of Sacramento, you can always expect deep cleanings throughout your office. We implement rigorous standards to make sure our Franchisee provided professional office cleaning service is always leaving sparkling clean results:

  • We focus on high-touch areas. Keyboards, faucets, and doors are three places where germs thrive. We pay special attention to these high-touch, high-traffic spots in your office, so we can significantly reduce the risk of viruses and other microbes spreading.
  • We bring a unique approach to your office. We understand how important it is to clean every office differently, according to the specific features and work areas that define your space. From the start, we’ll create a unique cleaning plan for your business, to make sure we’re really delivering a thorough clean.
  • We reduce any further contamination. Our Franchisees implement careful protocols to make sure we’re disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitizing your office. We use specially coded microfibers and mop heads for distinct areas of your office, and rely on our EnviroShield® to powerfully disinfect spaces when needed.

How Our Professional Office Cleaning Service in Sacramento Offers Reliability

Trust is a crucial aspect of any professional office cleaning service. Our Franchisees wear nametags and clearly marked uniforms, so they’re easy to spot. An owner-operator will always be on-site during a clean, to make sure that we’re implementing a deep clean that lives up to its reputation.

It’s essential to rely on your cleaners for their trustworthiness and accountability at all times. At JAN-PRO of Sacramento, we always aim to get your trust from the first day.

Set up your professional office cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Sacramento. Call (916) 376-8977 to learn more about pricing and cleaning schedules.