Our Commercial Cleaning Company in Phoenix: Expert Cleaning Across Industries

Posted on December 18, 2019

Different industries have different cleaning needs—that’s just a fact. An office space will have very different sanitation requirements than a hospital, a restaurant, or a gym. It’s important for any commercial cleaning company in Phoenix to tailor services based on the industry that’s being served. That way, cleanings can offer the level of rigor necessary for any company.

At JAN-PRO® of Phoenix, we take it a step further. Our cleaning company doesn’t just personalize the type of services we offer based on industry. We personalize it based on your specific business as well. This additional level of customization allows us to offer extra-strength cleanings that comprehensively address the complex needs of your business.

3 Ways Our Commercial Cleaning Company in Phoenix Takes A Specialized Approach

For businesses across sector, our commercial cleaning company will work closely with you from the beginning. At JAN-PRO of Phoenix, we make sure that cleaning services meet your expectations and that of your industry’s, as well as our own high standards:

  • We create a cleaning plan just for your business. For your cleaning services, we create an extensive blueprint that addresses the specific indoor features of your business. We’re able to thoroughly clean multi-purpose rooms, focus on high-germ areas, and take care of surface materials of all types.
  • Your cleaning plan incorporates industry regulations. Cleaning plans can incorporate OSHA requirements as well as local and federal safety and health codes. In addition, our owner-operators will take your industry’s hygiene and cleanliness regulations into account when developing a cleaning plan.
  • We have specific offerings for specific industries. For industries that must adhere to a stricter standard of health and safety, we offer specialized cleaning services. For example, our powerful MedMetrix® program is designed specially for hospitals and health facilities.

How Our Commercial Cleaning Company Offers Rigorous Cleans in Phoenix

At JAN-PRO of Phoenix, we always strive to exceed cleaning expectations with every service we deliver. Our commercial cleaning company takes extra precautions to ensure a high level of clean:

  • We evaluate our own work. Periodically, your company’s cleaning services will be audited and evaluated for excellence.
  • We offer a cleaning guarantee. To all our clients, we deliver one of the strongest guarantees in the commercial cleaning business.
  • We closely supervise cleans. An owner-operator is always on-hand to monitor and lead cleanings, for your satisfaction.

For a commercial cleaning company that delivers powerful and industry-specific cleanings, call JAN-PRO of Phoenix. Get in touch at (602) 438-1000 to discuss your cleaning needs today.