Custodial Services for Schools in Phoenix

Posted on November 18, 2019

As the operator of a school or other type of educational facility in the Phoenix area, one of your main responsibilities is to protect the health and safety of your students and staff members. With the support of a high-quality custodial service like JAN-PRO® of Phoenix, you can provide a hygienic environment where learning is the main focus. Our expert team of commercial cleaners has in-depth insight into the unique cleaning concerns that schools face, and we come prepared with high-tech tools and eco-friendly formulas to provide you with the precise results you need.

How Our Custodial Services in Phoenix Promote an Educational Environment

Fastidious cleaning procedures are key for high-density spaces like schools since germs and viruses can spread from person to person like wildfire in high-traffic areas. Without a strategic plan in place to prevent contagious diseases from spreading, you may find that your students have trouble staying focused and your teachers are constantly having to call in sick.

Our effective cleaning protocols at JAN-PRO of Phoenix reduce the risk of person-to-person germ transfer and protect the health and well-being of those who spend time in your school. For example, we work with state-of-the-art equipment, called the JAN-PRO Technics® tools, to promote a high level of cleanliness and sanitation. From high-tech HEPA filter vacuums to innovative microfiber cleaning materials, these tools play an essential role in our cleaning process for schools.

In addition, we have access to an exclusive disinfection system called EnviroShield® that offers comprehensive results and protection against bacteria and viruses. EnviroShield® knocks out 99% of germs on contact on all types of surfaces, including hard-to-clean computer keyboards, door handles, and office supplies. When you ask for wall-to-wall disinfection with EnviroShield®, you can have full confidence that your students are learning in a sanitary environment.

Our custodial services at JAN-PRO of Phoenix also safeguard the well-being of your students and teachers by choosing to utilize eco-friendly formulas that are safe for both human health and the environment. While these cleaning agents are tough on dirt and grime, they don’t produce noxious fumes or toxic residues that could be distracting to the learning process or harmful to human health.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of partnering with our custodial service, don’t hesitate to contact JAN-PRO of Phoenix today. Give us a call at (602) 438-1000 to request a free cleaning consultation at your school in Phoenix or a nearby community.