Dental Office Cleaning in Lakeland: What You Should Expect

Posted on October 14, 2019

When you hire a commercial cleaning company to help you keep your dental office healthy and hygienic, you should expect them to follow strict standards of cleanliness and sanitation. At JAN-PRO® of Mid-Florida, we offer specialized dental office cleaning services in Lakeland and nearby communities including The Villages, Winter Haven, Ocala, Sumter, Highlands, Marion, Citrus, Levy, Hardee, and Polk Counties. Our cleaning experts know how important it is for dental offices to maintain pristine facilities so they can promote the health and hygiene of their patients.

Qualities of Expert Dental Office Cleaning in Lakeland

Not all commercial cleaning companies offer services that can meet the rigorous needs of dentist offices in Lakeland. In fact, dental office cleaning is quite a specific niche that can only be accommodated by cleaning services with access to state-of-the-art tools and hospital-grade formulas.

At JAN-PRO of Mid-Florida, we’re proud to have the resources required to deliver high-quality cleaning that helps dentists provide the very best care for their patients. Take a look at what you can expect from our services:


  • A cross-contamination prevention system. Small slip-ups can be dangerous when it comes to cleaning healthcare facilities like dentist offices. That’s why we keep our cleaning supplies color-coded, which helps ensure that no contaminated materials come into contact with clean surfaces in your office.
  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines. Our owner-operators are certified in the MedMetrix® program, which includes cleaning according to the guidelines of regulatory agencies like the OSHA, AORN, Joint Commission, and CDC.
  • Hospital-strength germ elimination. Our cleaning solutions knock out germs on high-touch surfaces to protect both your staff members and your patients from person-to-person germ transfer. We can also provide your facility with comprehensive disinfection using an exclusive system called EnviroShield® that kills 99% of common contagions on contact.
  • A clean that you can feel. Your office won’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable after our cleaning visits. That’s because we work with non-toxic formulas that don’t produce noxious odors or harsh fumes. In addition, our HEPA filter vacuums remove airborne pollutants to leave your office air fresher, healthier, and cleaner.

Are you ready to experience the difference that our team can make for your dental office? Give JAN-PRO of Mid-Florida a call today at (863) 327-0660 to get started with a dental office cleaning consultation in Lakeland or a community in the surrounding areas such as The Villages, Winter Haven, Sumter, Highlands, Ocala, Marion, Citrus, Levy, Hardee, and Polk Counties.