Get Office Cleanings from JAN-PRO® of New York City

Posted on July 5, 2017

As a business owner, you always want your office to look its best – not just for the clients, investors, and partners that walk through the hallways, but also because a clean office can make a huge impact on the health and productivity of your workers. With the expert cleaners from JAN-PRO of New York City, office cleaning can be a simple and effective process. We deploy our high-powered, low-noise cleaning technologies and solutions, our customized commercial cleaning plans, and our dedicated teams for maximum result. It’s one of the many reasons that companies all across the Greater New York Area – including New York City and Mineola – trust us for our office cleaning services.

Superior Office Cleanings with JAN-PRO of New York City

At JAN-PRO of New York City, we deliver office cleaning services using JAN-PRO Technics®, a proprietary system of high-quality solutions and cutting-edge technology. With JAN-PRO, you can quickly bring your office to OSHA standards. Our patented EnviroShield® disinfecting system is EPA-rated and eliminates 99.9% of invisible bacteria and germs from all surfaces in your office, even difficult-to-reach ones. Our quiet vacuums provide minimal disruption to your working day, and employ HEPA air filters for a more breathable working environment. We take enormous pride in bringing your office the highest level of cleaning service we can provide.

A Professional, Hard-Working Office Cleaning Team

At JAN-PRO of New York City, we understand the importance of putting your best foot forward. It’s why your cleaning team will always be accompanied by one of our owner-operators. Before we even begin, we’ll map out a detailed, room-by-room cleaning program for your space – making sure to address high-traffic areas and germ hot spots like bathrooms, carpets, and lobbies.

You’ll always have the opportunity to provide input, to ensure that we’re addressing any specific concerns you might have. With JAN-PRO of New York City, the same cleaners will always deliver your office cleaning, so you can expect consistently excellent services from experts who know your space.

If your business is located in the Greater New York Area – including Mineola – contact JAN-PRO of New York City at 516-279-3465 for an office cleaning estimate. A dedicated cleaning team is just a phone call away.