How An Office Cleaning Checklist on Long Island Keeps Your Customers and Staff Healthy

Posted on August 29, 2019

Does your office cleaning checklist lack in-depth practices that could promote the health and safety of your workplace on Long Island? At JAN-PRO® of Greater New York, we’re proud to offer comprehensive office cleaning services that enable businesses to improve their workplace hygiene. Our services are available throughout Long Island, including Mineola and nearby communities in the Greater New York area. Read on to learn more about our comprehensive office cleaning checklist on Long Island.

Improving Your Office Cleaning Checklist on Long Island

When you take a hard look at your office cleaning checklist, does it only include tasks that produce a surface-level clean for your workspace on Long Island? It’s crucial to remember that the average person spends up to a third of their lives at work. In other words, a safe and healthy work environment is vital for maintaining one’s physical and mental well-being.

By partnering with our professional cleaning team at JAN-PRO of Greater New York, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of our in-depth office cleaning checklist on Long Island. Your customized cleaning plan can include detailed, health-boosting practices such as the following:

  • Extensive disinfection. Not all disinfection methods produce the same results. With JAN-PRO of Greater New York, you can have confidence that your office has been disinfected from floor to ceiling thanks to our exclusive EnviroShield® disinfection system. EnviroShield® effectively knocks out 99% of bacteria and viruses on contact, treating hard-to-clean items like computer keyboards and office supplies with ease.
  • Green cleaning methods. If you’re using harsh chemicals to fight dirt and grime at your office, you may not be providing your employees with a safe space for work. We always choose eco-friendly formulas and green cleaning techniques that make your office a healthier place for your staff members and clients to spend time in.
  • Advanced indoor air filtration. It’s just as important to maintain clean, healthy indoor air quality as it is to disinfect frequently touched surfaces in your office. We utilize high-tech HEPA filter vacuums that cut down on indoor air pollution to leave your workplace with cleaner, fresher air quality.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about getting started with a customized office cleaning checklist for your workplace on Long Island, in Mineola, or in another community in the Greater New York area. Just call JAN-PRO of Greater New York at (516) 279-3465 to set up a free, in-person consultation with our owner-operators.