The Importance of Office Cleaning in Detroit

Posted on January 24, 2018

If you spend your weekends cleaning and organizing your home, the last thing you want to do when you get to work on Monday is clean your office. And when phones are ringing and deadlines need to be met, it’s easy to put off vacuuming the break room and scrubbing the toilets for days or even weeks. Neglecting your office cleaning duties for too long, though, can lead to a whole host of nasty consequences at your Detroit-area facility. If time constraints are tough, count on the office cleaning services from JAN-PRO® of Detroit. Below, we’ve listed a few of the main reasons why office cleaning is so important for facilities in the Detroit, MI area.

Why Office Cleaning is Important

Just four of the many reasons why it’s essential to make cleaning a priority in your Detroit-area office include:

  • Building Maintenance. While crumbs and coffee spills throughout your office can easily get overlooked as more pressing issues arise, these small cleanliness problems can lead to major building maintenance issues. These issues include rodent and insect problems, mold and rot in walls, as well as permanent stains on carpets and furniture.
  • Worker Morale. If you’ve ever had to work in an office that’s dirty, messy, or smelly, you’ll know first hand how quickly it can lead to fatigue and a decline in morale and productivity.
  • Your First Impression. Hosting a meeting in an office that is disorganized or unappealing can leave potential clients questioning your professionalism and your capabilities as a business.
  • Health and Safety. When your workers and clients are on your property, their health and safety is in your hands. You can help keep the people who use your facility safe from a broad spectrum of germs and viruses by regularly cleaning and disinfecting your Detroit-area office.

Detroit’s Office Cleaning Experts

When companies in Birmingham, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Troy, Southfield, and throughout southeast Michigan need help with office cleaning, they turn to us at JAN-PRO of Detroit. We offer cleaning services that fit within our clients’ busy office schedules and meet their exact cleaning needs by offering flexible cleaning schedules, and customized cleaning plans. As a JAN-PRO Signature Clean® company, our owner/operators have been certified in specialized office cleaning techniques guaranteed to leave your Detroit-area office spotless, safe, and well maintained each and every cleaning.

To learn more about our spotless office cleaning services, call JAN-PRO of Detroit today at (248) 936-0300.