What is Included in Deep Cleaning for Businesses?

Posted on July 19, 2022

Keeping your business clean is essential. Whether you have an office building, medical facility, bank, gym, school, or any other type of commercial space, regular cleaning is a necessity. Sometimes, however, a more thorough “deep cleaning” is required.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is the process of cleansing a space beyond just the visible dirt. Deep cleaning might involve removing dust, mold, grime and bacteria that can build up over time. Deep cleaning focuses on high-traffic areas, but cleaners also ensure that hard-to-reach surfaces are thoroughly wiped and disinfected.

The commercial deep cleaning process usually involves two steps. First is the physical removal of dirt from surfaces which is then followed by the use of disinfectants to kill germs.

How Often Do You Need Office Cleaning Services

Regular dusting and vacuuming should be done regularly in commercial spaces to maintain a professional and inviting atmosphere. Heavy or deep cleaning services should be booked once or twice a year to supplement the standard cleaning efforts, although some industries might need more frequent deep cleaning. For example, those belonging to the food and hospitality sectors might require heavy cleaning services more often than standard office buildings.

Commercial Deep Cleaning Checklists for Office Buildings

Compared to regular cleaning, the tasks involved in commercial office cleaning require more effort, time and expertise. Every cleaning company has its required procedures when it comes to its cleaning and disinfecting methods, but most of them should follow the checklist below:

  • Scrubbing and mopping of all floors
  • Wiping switches, door handles and light fixtures
  • Removing and cleaning all furniture
  • Emptying and wiping cabinets and racks
  • Comprehensive cleaning of all toilets
  • Dusting ledges, vents and baseboards
  • Disinfecting all office equipment
  • Sanitizing high traffic areas, life office kitchen spaces and restrooms

Why You Need Professional Cleaners

Office deep cleaning is a highly meticulous process that only professionals should handle. When you allow an experienced cleaning company to take care of your commercial sanitation needs, you gain the following benefits:

  • Hygiene standards – Kitchens, food processing plants and medical facilities have strict regulations that protect the workers and the general public who enter or come in contact with their products. A professional cleaning company is equipped to carry out the specific cleaning recommendations for any given industry and can follow the appropriate protocols at all times.
  • More effective cleaning solutions – The equipment and solutions used during the cleaning process extensively impact how effective the procedure will be. Professional cleaners utilize the right equipment to provide commercial office cleaning solutions that go deeper than the surface level. 
  • Peace of mind – With the right cleaning company handling your disinfecting needs, you can rest easy knowing that your commercial establishment is in the hands of capable experts.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting Offers Reliable Cleaning Solutions

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting is a world-renowned commercial office cleaning service provider that guarantees a thorough clean. JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified franchisees utilize the most advanced equipment and products to ensure clean and healthy environments.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting is recognized for its signature processes which set the brand apart from others in the industry.

First is the JAN-PRO Signature Clean®, which describes our owners/operators’ commitment to providing cleaning and disinfecting solutions that exceed expectations. Franchisees receive the most rigorous certification where they learn the finer points of commercial cleaning. This five-week program teaches JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting owners/operators how to maintain bacteria-free high-touch surfaces, work safely in public areas, thorough carpet cleaning techniques and the importance of dwell time when disinfecting. After the local teams pass the JAN-PRO Signature Clean® training, they will have the proper knowledge to preserve optimal hygiene in your workplace.

Following this is the JAN-PRO Tracker® system, which measures the quality of each cleaning visit using a comprehensive 50-point checklist that leaves nothing to chance. The local teams check every aspect of your cleaning requirements and physically inspect your property to determine where to focus their expertise and attention.

Lastly, franchisees harness the power of cutting-edge technologies through JAN-PRO Technics®. The local teams use the best-in-industry tools to deliver superior results, which include:

  • EnviroShield® – An exclusive disinfection system that kills over 99 percent of bacteria and viruses upon contact.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths – Proven to be more effective than traditional cotton materials in stopping the spread of dirt and bacteria.
  • HEPA filter vacuums – The local teams use these quiet backpack vacuums, which minimize disruption while providing an in-depth clean for carpeting and floors.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting has won numerous awards for its quality cleaning services. Entrepreneur magazine named it the #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise in 2022 for 14 straight years. In addition, it was ranked among the Top 200 Franchises in 2018 for nine consecutive years by Franchise Business Review Magazine.

Aside from cleaning services, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting offers franchising opportunities for those wishing to establish a profitable business. JAN-PRO Franchise Development, franchisor of the JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting brand, can take your business to the next level. You are given all the support you need to make your business thrive in your local area. You don’t have to sell your services because JAN-PRO Franchise Development will do that for you. This way, you can focus more on giving excellent services to your clients.

Owning a cleaning franchise allows you to live your life on your terms. You can control how to spend your time and grow your business at a pace suited to your needs. So if you’re interested in being a JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisee, you can visit this page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering hiring office cleaning services but don’t know where to start? JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting answers the most common questions surrounding commercial cleaning.

1. Does JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting clean during or after business hours?

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting’s schedule revolves around the client’s request. Each owner/operator is happy to work whenever you prefer.

2. What size accounts do you service?

With JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting’s advanced systems, no facility is too large to clean, even on a daily basis. If you need a one-time service, local franchisees can accommodate that too.

3. Do you have a customer service portal?

Every JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting owner/operator gives you easy access to an online portal where you can access schedule cleanings and reports.

4. Do you do terminal cleaning?

All JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchises are capable of completing terminal cleaning thanks to their MEDMETRIX® certification. 

5. Do you clean up biohazards?

Currently, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting is not certified to dispose of biohazardous waste.

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