How to Switch Your Commercial Cleaning Service

Posted on September 4, 2017

Unsatisfied with your current commercial cleaners? Then it might be time to switch your commercial cleaning service. There are many reasons to end a cleaning contract and change janitorial service providers. Your current cleaning company might exhibit unprofessional behavior while on site. They might be unable to accommodate a needed change in your cleaning schedule. Most commonly, they just aren’t delivering the quality of clean that you want and need.

When you change cleaning companies, you’ll want to ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition. How to switch your commercial cleaning service will depend on the terms of your current contract, the urgency of the change, and the availability of trustworthy contractors in your area.

When to End a Commercial Cleaning Contract

A contract can be a big obstacle when switching your commercial cleaning service. If you are coming to the end of your current cleaning contract, a switch of janitorial service providers should be easy. But if you need to terminate a cleaning contract before it’s scheduled to end, things can be a little more difficult.

Most cleaning contracts contain a termination clause. If you’re thinking of switching cleaning services mid-contract, read this clause first. It should outline the circumstances under which you can end a contract and the amount of notice you will need to provide.

If you are worried that ending the contract may be cost-prohibitive, you will want to assess how urgently a change of providers is needed. In some cases, it is best to wait until the end of your contract. In other cases, continuing with your contract could be more costly for your business. Poor commercial cleaning services can have a corrosive effect on customer confidence, employee morale, and workplace health and safety. Damage to your reputation or workplace culture often means long-term problems for your bottom line. Often, the immediate costs of switching commercial cleaning services is worth the cost of ending a contract prematurely.

How to Switch Cleaning Services Professionally

Before you make the decision to terminate a cleaning contract, take the time to contact other local commercial cleaning services. Most will be happy to provide a free, in-person consultation for your cleaning needs. This will allow you to compare costs and contracts. Also, you can determine whether a new contractor will be able to address the concerns that you had with your previous cleaning service.

When switching commercial cleaning companies, a clean and respectful transition is important. Prepare a professional contract termination letter, be transparent about the reasons for your change, and make sure that all dates and details are clear for your current provider. Try to make the best of the situation for all parties involved, including your old cleaning service. This is often essential to a smooth transition, and it can help your new provider get up to speed quickly.

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