Industry Focus: Auto Dealership Cleaning

Posted on December 12, 2016


Industry Focus: Auto Dealership Cleaning

When you work in car sales, you know the impact that appearance can have on your customers. You‰’re not simply selling a car ‰you‰’re selling an image. You also know that countless outside factors are going into your customer‰’s purchase decision, including how they perceive you, your co-workers, and your dealership.

A pristine dealership gives you the perfect setting in which to show off your vehicles, and can help you get customers to sign on the dotted line. And nothing contributes to the upkeep of your dealership‰’s image more than the dealership cleaning service you rely on.

At JAN-PRO, our owner/operators have decades and decades of combined dealership cleaning experience. We know what it takes to get dealerships looking their best, and we know what you should look for in an auto dealership cleaning service. If you‰’re in the market for a cleaning service for your auto dealership, here‰’s what you need to keep in mind:

What Sets Dealership Cleaning Apart

Auto dealerships are unique commercial spaces with a wider range of cleaning needs than most other businesses. Dealerships not only need to keep office spaces clean, but also lobbies, service areas, and showrooms. And with the high stakes of automotive sales, make-or-break areas like bathrooms can be the difference between making a big money sale and missing your quotas.

When considering your dealership‰’s cleaning needs, it‰’s important that you‰’re covered for:

  • Showroom cleaning
  • Specialty floor cleaning
  • Office space cleaning
  • Service bay cleaning
  • Frequent, detailed cleaning of bathrooms
  • Adherence to OSHA standards

What to Look for in a Dealership Cleaning Service

It can be tough to know exactly what to look for in a dealership cleaning service. After all, you need to balance your dealership‰’s specific cleaning needs with the kinds of markers that generally set one cleaning company apart from another.

At JAN-PRO, we typically advise dealerships to focus on these three key areas when evaluating any cleaning service:

  • Customized Cleaning. Do cleaners use a cookie-cutter approach, or will they be adaptive to your dealership‰’s needs and specialty spaces?
  • Systems & Technologies. Do cleaners have the tools and equipment they need to achieve a high level of clean in all areas of your dealership?
  • Measured Results. Do cleaners actively track and measure their work, and do they make adjustments when they spot room for improvement?

When choosing between cleaning services for your dealership, never be afraid to ask the questions you need to find a cleaning team that knows auto dealerships inside and out.

Get a no-cost, no-commitment cleaning estimate by contacting the dealership cleaning experts at your local JAN-PRO. Call 866-355-1064 today to get started.