Bathrooms: Where Commercial Cleaning Makes a Difference

Posted on October 8, 2016


Bathrooms: Where Commercial Cleaning Makes a Difference

When you run a business, commercial cleaning matters. This is especially the case when it comes to bathrooms.

Bathrooms, it should come as no surprise, are the biggest culprits for germs and bacteria in the modern workplace. So it‰’s no wonder that almost 95% of Americans say they judge a business based on its bathrooms. Surveys have also shown that a high percentage of consumers will stop visiting certain businesses after an experience with an unclean bathroom.

With so much at stake, it‰’s important that businesses understand commercial cleaning for bathrooms. Not just why it‰’s necessary, but also what features set good commercial cleaning programs apart. To help, the commercial cleaning experts at JAN-PRO have put together this short guide to bathroom cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Matters to Your Customers & Clients

There are lots of reasons why a business can end up with an unclean or unhygienic bathroom. A business might take care of its cleaning needs in-house. It might rely on low-cost commercial cleaning services in an effort to cut corners. Or it might cut back on the frequency of bathroom cleanings to focus resources elsewhere.

No matter the reason, cutting back on bathroom hygiene can have a real impact on your business‰’s bottom line ‰and rarely in a good way.

No industry is hit as hard by unclean bathrooms as the restaurant sector. As online review sites and social media are making clearer than ever, just one bad experience with a restaurant bathroom can lead to a one-star review and a lost customer.

But the impact of unclean bathrooms goes beyond restaurants. Surveys have shown that high numbers of consumers will avoid hotels, hospitals, and retail stores with unclean bathrooms. Even offices and universities can be hit by poor commercial cleaning in bathrooms, as sales and enrollments alike can be curbed by a bad bathroom experience.

How JAN-PRO Tackles Commercial Cleaning in Bathrooms

At JAN-PRO, our commercial cleaning teams use leading strategies and tools to get bathrooms their cleanest, safest, and most hygienic. Consider the following as you choose a commercial cleaning provider for your workplace and its bathrooms.

  • Wall-to-Wall Cleanliness. Bathrooms should regularly receive thorough, wall-to-wall cleanings ‰not just day-to-day touch-ups. At JAN-PRO, our cleaners are committed to a deeper, more extensive clean.
  • Germ Targeting. Bathrooms are rife with germs. But those germs can be found in unexpected places. At JAN-PRO, our cleaners know that worst areas for germs are high-touch zones like faucets, flush handles, and push plates, which is why we specifically target these areas for extra attention.
  • Proper Disinfection. Professional commercial cleaning should deliver professional disinfection. At JAN-PRO, we use our exclusive EnviroShield system, which eliminates 99.9999% of germs on contact. This innovative system also uses proprietary technology so that it can reach areas that other disinfection methods can‰’t.
  • Color-Coded Supplies. Many commercial cleaning companies use the same supplies to clean your bathrooms as other areas of your workplace. At JAN-PRO, we color-code our cleaning materials to make sure that cloths and mop pads used in bathrooms don‰’t get used in other areas.

Other factors important when it comes to commercial cleaning in bathrooms include: OSHA expertise, eco-friendliness, and the use of non-toxic cleaning agents and detergents.

Bring superior commercial cleaning to your business and its bathrooms by partnering with JAN-PRO. Call 866-355-1064 today to connect with your local office for a free commercial cleaning consultation.