3 Things To Ask Before Selecting Your Commercial Cleaner

Posted on June 19, 2017

1) What qualifications do they have?

2) What happens if I am not satisfied,

3) Can I trust the cleaners?

JAN-PRO has earned its industry reputation as the top commercial cleaner by developing the most comprehensive brand standards in the commercial cleaning industry. While servicing over 35,000 clients worldwide, our JAN-PRO Signature Clean branded processes ensure every customer will have a JAN-PRO franchisee who has successfully completed a five-week training program. JAN-PRO guarantees they will fix any issues within 48 hours or provide another clean free. And lastly, JAN-PRO owners are bonded and insured, providing assurance to you that your office belongings will be secure. To learn more call your local JAN-PRO office or submit this form.

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