3 Next-Level Ways to Make Employees More Productive

Posted on October 19, 2017

Looking for ways to make employees more productive? Below, the team at JAN-PRO® has collected three of our top strategies for encouraging employee productivity. We’ve also included next-level tips for how you can apply each of these principles to other aspects of your workplace.

Declutter Workspaces (and Work Lives)

People work better when they aren’t bombarded with distractions. So, make sure that your employees get a chance every month to press the reset button and organize their workspace. If spots in your office are overflowing with clutter, think of ways you can streamline these areas and improve workplace organization to have a clean office.

Next Level: While you’re helping employees declutter their workspaces, think of ways that you can help them declutter their work lives. Identify which low-priority activities are preventing employees from focusing on priority items, then work with employees on ways to eliminate or minimize these tasks.

Build Skills in New Hires (and Existing Employees)

If new employees always seem to take forever getting up to speed, you might be rushing new hires into their positions too fast, with too little information. Try speaking with workers who’ve been at your company for more than three months but less than a year and ask them what they wish they’d learned during training.

Next Level: Building skills isn’t something you should only be doing with new hires. Consider opening up opportunities for workers to learn new things, take on fresh projects, and expand their horizons. Ongoing education not only builds skillsets, it also motivates employees and gives them confidence — key drivers of productivity.

Help Workers Stay Healthy (and Happy)

Healthier employees are proven to be more productive. Consider offering healthy choices in the break room, holding walking meetings, offering gym membership discounts, and making sure you’re not overworking staff. Work with your janitorial service provider to ensure a healthier space through better air quality and healthier workplace hygiene.

Next Level: Healthy workers aren’t just physically healthy. Studies have shown that happy workers are almost 25% more productive than unhappy works. So, make sure you’re fostering a supportive work environment and consider small ways you can make your workspace a happier place for employees. Studies have found that even small changes — like giving employees two minutes to meditate each day or having employees write positive feedback to one another — can have a substantial impact on worker happiness.